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Happy 44th Birthday HIP HOP!!!

It is refreshing to hear the voice of authority and the iconic elder statesmen FAB 5 FREDDY grace the largest platform beyond television and radio. Ultimately, sharing the celebration of iconic figures in the genres of Funk, Rock, Soul and Afro Beat which helped produce the sound of Hip Hop culture!! Infinite Gratitude & Thank You KOOL HERC plus all of the day ones and ancestors that are the legs and shoulders of this rich artform. Thank You to the creative team at #Google for putting together a well researched and planned out presentation. . #googledoodle #fabfivefreddy #hiphop #funk #soul #rock #afrobeat #disco #jazz #breakbeats #street #dance #art #graffiti #ghetto #style #culture #influence #dj #bboy #djlife #bgirl #emcee #appreciation #love #unique74


Dwell where the love and quality are synonymous.


You will be at home.


a MAN who changed the world yet walked ALONE. HAPPY BIRTHDAY DR KING!

In the words of The Godfather of Soul James Brown: “Im not gonna tell you what to do, Im not gonna raise a fuss”. However, I urge you all to
please take time and reflect on a man who dedicated his life for purpose and change. There are many out there who waste their lives away by undermining their own potential and not seeking higher ground. Turn that around and uplift yourself from the muck and mire, no matter how old or young. Analyze how you treat your fellow man and woman while breaking the mirror of vanity, take that same mirror and reflect on your own true potential and purpose. As a result, you will uplift those around you and they too will inspire. To even ponder this notion would be a beyond fitting way to celebrate and commemorate MLK Day.