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The Fabulous Dramatics • Unsung

​Detroit Definitive. Finally got a chance to absorb The Dramatics Unsung episode. It was great to see the surviving members share wisdom and their climb to iconic longevity that put them in a class of their own..unchallenged. The prolific writing and production team of Tony Hester and Don Davis got an honorable mention which was one of my favorites highlights. They as a creative powerhouse seemed to have chosen the reclusive route while keeping their head buried in musical books to create a rich catalog that still stands to this very day. It was also great to see their musical peers make a surprise appearance while giving their insight on the magnitude for their body of work. #thedramatics #unsung #unique74

Five Special . lyrics

“Understanding and what our love is built on. So won’t you at least try to, respect what we’re about.”
-“Why Leave Us Alone” FIVE SPECIAL

This is one of those records where I lose all my cool if I where to hear it somewhere. I remember when I was 5, my Mom’s bank at the time (Security Pacific…yeah im taking it back..) were giving out free 12 inch promotional records through WEA and that was one of the singles in the stack! Like amazing right?