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Unique74 remembers WALTER BECKER..

One of my favorite opening guitar riffs.. you did well Walter..

Steely Dan Obsession

#NP There is such thing as a perfect song. If I had one song that I could play all night..”Peg”. The best 3:58 minutes. I have been obsessed with this song since it’s 1977 release. The one sided  panned flanger on keys are priceless. One of my biggest wishes is to hear the remaining parts of the song faded out with the epic #jaygraydon solo. The song and groove lock perfectly. Still waiting to meet “Peg” tho. #np #steelydan #michealmcdonald #chuckrainey #rickmarotta #stevekhan #tomscott #paulgriffin #dongrolnick #peg #musicmonday #unique74


Steely Dan | aja

I am obsessed with the tune “PEG”. Lets just put it out there..You need this album in your life..

Fact: KOOL & THE GANG picked this as one of their favorite albums..

what gets me off > PEG. Steely Dan (studio)

F–king EPIC! This is the s–t I crave for..vulnerable..perfection!!! (Please excuse me while I scream like a b-tch …) This was ALWAYS my jam since I was a kid..what I envision in an ideal woman is in this very pretty yet so funky!! f–king STEELY DAN! and the band!! (RAINEY…smiling and shakes head..)

“its your favorite foreign movie!!”