Unique74 Visual Recap | SOUL SLAM #6 | LA

As many of you know, I rarely go out unless im on the bill or its the fam throwing something major. Friday nite, I decided to round up the posse to check out one of my favorite parties “SOUL SLAM” (which is the ULTIMATE Prince/Micheal Jackson Tribute Party that happens once a year). In the artsy-progressive Silverlake area, Laker fever is in the air, people driving by honking their horns yelling out “Go Lakers”! Me personally having shook hands with the great Kareem Abdul Jabbar and my Mom being a childhood friend of Elgin Baylor, I was quite delighted to hear the cheers of purple and gold sentiments. As we approach the line, I am greeted by fashionista extraordinaire Daniel Antonio (Dirtymilk). As Daniel and myself exchanged greetings, I get a feeling that heaven is smiling down on us as the bass line of the late great Micheal “Sugarbear” Foreman accompanied with the great Charles Collins heavy drum thuds are being echoed from Dj Spinna playing the post Motown-Gamble & Huff produced “Enjoy Yourself” by The Jacksons. As we make our way inside, its pure energy with dancing and prancing sexy souls blessing the place with grace. I ran into many beautiful folks with a lot of love in the air and raw energy. At some point, I had to bust a quick cameo on the mic which was a lotta fun as Spinna/Cognito blessed the place while keeping the masses on their feet all nite! It was a beyond epic event and I highly suggest whenever SOUL SLAM comes to your town, you better be the first in line!! Enjoy the visual recap!

Photography: Unique74

Published by unique74mag

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