Unique74 Update* ONYX LOUNGE Departure /CHOICE Tuesdays..the future


FYI, Myself o/b/o Unique74 has severed ties with ONYX LOUNGE in DTLA. Thus, CHOICE Tuesdays will be on hiatus (look for indulge! Wednesdays KARMA LOUNGE..better food..better people..better everything..) Also our event 2nite: SPECIAL was pulled from under the rug by ONYX LOUNGE two days before the event..(by text..not a phone call with “good faith and principle” compensation) Thus, we decided to sever ties being that we cherish the integrity of our brand over everything (and we NEVER renege on our deals..) We put them on the map as we’ve done for many venues and aspiring talent. We worked harder than any Dj, Promoter, etc that entered their venue..FACT.  DTLA knows the deal..the PEOPLE, press, magazine advertising editors and GOOGLE can vouch for our overlooked efforts…Now it’s time to move forward with beyond satisfactory settings.We THANK YOU for the long term support for over 20 years.. Cheers


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