RESPECT: Remembering William “Poogie” Hart (The Delfonics)

When you speak of top vocalists and great writers; Mr William Hart is definitely on that list of the great front men of Soul. As leader of The Mighty Delfonics, his voice represented a time of innocence and love in Black Music before cheap gimmicks and marketing became a focal point. Their sound was a staple in time that resonated heavily in the midst of racial tension, self discovery and cultural awareness. Despite those challenges, Soul Music was one of the vehicles as a coping mechanism to take on the ills of daily life in such turbulent times that would shape the face of history. Their sound also soothed the oppressed and often misunderstood people of the inner cities of America aka “The Hood” at which the term affectionately known as “Oldies” was born. For over 5 decades, Mr Hart’s voice was the cradle that kept us sane while tackling the complex facets of love and life.

“Loving Him” is cold work. The funniest yet extremely genius part is the intro where Mr Hart breaks into (what now would be considered) a rap style cadence: “so you think you love him toooo”. It’s as if he was determined to effectively fill the space in that groove. Rest Peacefully William “Poogie” Hart Muhammad.

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