In the mid 70’s, Soul,Rhythm & Blues brandished slicker sounds & plush rhythms, thanks to the legendary Philly Sound of Gamble, Huff & Bell and Washington DC’s own Van Mccoy.

However, during this period there was a powerhouse in LA that was to be reckoned with in fusing Funk, R&B, Pop & Soul. Using a faithful recipe of some LA sunshine that gave light to many dancefloors with legendary productions by Baker-Harris-Young, Gene Page, Leon Sylvers, The Calloway Brothers, LA & Babyface, just to name a few. Dick Griffey’s SOLAR Records was the premier label for the Los Angeles Sound and its lifestyle. SOLAR was the baby of the Chicago-bred SOUL TRAIN when the longest running syndicated television show & the hippest trip moved to LA. Griffey was Talent Coordinator for this iconic television show that showcased African American culture & the apex for dance-fashion culture.

As a genuine music lover & life long participant of Black Music &
Dance Culture, I felt it was beyond fitting to pay homage to a pivotal figure in music that gave the west coast a face to the sound and highlighted the most talented artists,musicians and writers that created a sound that still stands to this day.

In honor of the late great Dick Griffey & the entire SOLAR Records legacy, here’s a Top 25 of my favorite songs from the label (including SOUL TRAIN Records which was the original conception of SOLAR)

When Funk & Soul were in question during the 80’s..SOLAR was the ONLY label that stayed concistent with national hits which crossed ovet to the POP market yet remained true to its soulful roots.

    The Hustle + Afro Years

Rainbow | The Soul Train Gang
Make It With You | The Whispers
One For The Money pts 1 & 2 | The Whispers
Soul Train Theme 75′ | The Soul Train Gang
Chocolate Girl | The Whispers
Uptown Festival | Shalamar

    Jheri Curl + Jordache Jeans + Post Dashiki Years

Take That To The Bank | Shalamar
Girl | Shalamar
A Song For Donnie | The Whispers
And The Beat Goes On | The Whispers
Lady | The Whispers
All The Way Live | Lakeside

    California Curl + Reganomics Years

Second Time Around | Shalamar
I Owe You One | Shalamar
I Dont Want To Be A Freak (But I Cant Help Myself) | Dynasty
I’ve Just Begun To Love You | Dynasty
Show Me Where You’re Coming From | Carrie Lucas
In The Raw | The Whispers
Love Is Where You’ll Find It | The Whispers
Raid | Lakeside
Just My Luck | The Deele
Body Talk | The Deele
No Parking On The Dancefloor | Midnight Star
Slow Jam | Midnight Star
Deep Cover | Dr Dre ft Snoop Doggy Dogg


Save The Children | Bobby Womack
Sunbear | Self Titled
Jesse Jackson | Our Time Has Come

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