New Music: Derek Mckeith | Woman

The new album #Woman @derekmckeith offers an array of sounds. I am also proud to have contributed as an A&R/ #CreativeConsultant for this amazing project. #DerekMckeith has always given above and beyond showmanship & musicianship as a result making him the absolute audiovisual experience. His latest release marks the return of great R&B cuts, feelgoodContinue reading “New Music: Derek Mckeith | Woman”

Alvin Robinson – Something You Got

THE version (in my book) of my fav 45 pieces. Slow, hot & bothered funk..straight gut. The drummer plays without hi hat or cymbals (New Orleans line dance style)..but in full swing. The style was basically ahead of its time and would later become the template Dilla (Iconic Musician/Producer) style of drum programming which many beatmakers/ producers have adopted in their own formula today.


In the mid 70’s, Soul,Rhythm & Blues brandished slicker sounds & plush rhythms, thanks to the legendary Philly Sound of Gamble, Huff & Bell and Washington DC’s own Van Mccoy. However, during this period there was a powerhouse in LA that was to be reckoned with in fusing Funk, R&B, Pop & Soul. Using aContinue reading “Unique74 Remembers DICK GRIFFEY + SOLAR RECORDS”


Unique74 | Little Temple STEREOLOVE “a weekly excursion of the ultimate feel good.” 6.3 live guests: ☛ PERFECTO [LA progressive hip hop] This Hip Hop artist bears an energetic show with amazing showmanship (which is a lost art for many Hip Hop artists). A great combo of street wise lyrics, a concious flow andContinue reading “STEREOLOVE: MICHELLE SHAPROW | JOONIE | PERFECTO | 6.3”

Unique74 salutes SLY STONE | HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!

MAVERICK < MUSIC | FUNK SUPREME HAPPY BIRTHDAY SLY STONE!! Guess who produced this number? (proud owner of the 7inch on this jam..) This next record has haunted me for years. The lead singer is still a mystery to this day..but it is clear as bell that the FAMILY STONE is holding down the rhthymContinue reading “Unique74 salutes SLY STONE | HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!”

Unique74 salutes D’Angelo’s “Voodoo” (Happy Anniversary!!)

10 years ago, I had the honor and pleasure of watching this project grow from its infancy while working at Virgin/EMI and it was one of the most refreshing records that was needed for that time, it set the tone for many to come after that. This was a straight up FUNK album whether soContinue reading “Unique74 salutes D’Angelo’s “Voodoo” (Happy Anniversary!!)”