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Unique74 remembers..Fats Domino..

As “Pops” (Louis Armstrong) introduced the Dixieland sound in the innovations of Jazz, Fats Domino brought the infectious melodies to Rhythm and Blues which birthed what we know now as Rock n’ Roll.  He paved the way..Rest Peacefully Fats Domino..standing ovation..

Unique74 remembers..Robert Guillaume 

First Class all the way..he made us proud and represented the very best in artistry. Thank You Mr Robert easy..

Unique74 Remembers: BILL NUNN

I always spot out the realest ones..consistency from day one. Thank You and Rest Easy Mr #BillNunn you repped us well. đź‘‘


Unique74 Remembers… Mr DON CORNELIUS…

I dont even know what to say or how to react..He was the reason why BLACK MUSIC and CULTURE yielded a diverse roster in style, sound, perspective and creative direction. No other television show celebrated Black (dont be afraid to say it with me African Americans..BLACK) expression on a diverse level the way SOUL TRAIN presented. Thus creating a lingering appeal that has lasted 40 yrs plus which helped set the tone for just about every Music outlet on an international scale..As a kid (I understood very clearly) and was proud to see people that looked like me and my family on television be represented with pride, dignity & style..”They” fought him tooth and nail in bringing such a vision that would not only give Black artists a fair shake in exposure in which the world would be privy to an AUTHENTIC experience in sound & style that is presented & celebrated by those very people..This Chi-town native carried the blueprint of his days at WVON which eventually became a audio visual outlet that not only changed the game but it changed minds..I would not dare to dream, create, raise the stakes if it were not for a visionary named DON CORNELIUS..(I was so very lucky to speak, meet and shake the man’s hand 3yrs ago..)..He was an institution..Rest In Paradise..

Unique74 salutes PETE ROCK!!

I originally started this blog post last Saturday which was Pete Rock’s b-day, I got caught up getting ready for a gig that day. However, I felt the need to complete and speak about one of my heroes in the game that inspired me to spend endless hours in various record shops, hole in the wall spots while running the risk of rat bites and who knows what else in the name of “digging in the crates”. Pete Rock and Erick Sermon have to be single-handedly credited for constantly keeping the term “Funk” alive during the 90’s era of Hip Hop which was infused with a lot of sub standard new jack swing anthems that lacked the original recipe of the great Teddy Riley.

Hip Hop has always celebrated the music of past heroes in Funk-Soul-Jazz such as Gil Scot Heron, Kool and The Gang, Sly Stone, James Brown, The Headhunters, Roger Troutman,etc. Many criticized these new breed of street producers and dj’s for their constant use of sampling, but failed to acknowledge these young trailblazers in keeping the legacy of these artists alive by re-interpreting their works which might have been overlooked by these new generation of urban tastemakers and street griots. So-called “Black Radio” and many Pop/Crossover/ Oldies stations turned their backs on many of these great Soul-Funk-Rock-Jazz artists due to various inner politics and socio-economic ramifications that existed within their infrastructure. By the mid 90’s, most Mom and Pop radio stations that catered to fans of the classic 50’s, 60’s & 70’s sound were being sold and bought by major corporations which took over these stations. As a result, giving listeners a very processed and over redundancy in its programming. During this time, there is a new generation of taste makers on the rise creating street anthems that not only became charted HITS but cradled many through their high school and college experiences. Pete Rock was one of the major figures in ushering that new street sound, fusing heavy Funk, Jazz and Rock with the Emu SP-1200 as the navigating tool (I miss working that pretty little machine but dont miss losing the memory..). I remember hearing “Mecca and The Soul Brother” and going: “WHAT THE F–k?!” It was like a new wave of street funk samples for a new generation. See, I was also a huge fan of Marley Marl (who is Pete Rock’s mentor from his “In Control” days at WBLS). Which explains Pete’s great taste in samples in funk, just as the great master teacher Marley demonstrated on countless cuts..whats beautiful is that I always liked how Pete would incorporate Big Daddy Kane’s debut 12′ “Get Into It” in most of his early productions!!

I still get geeked watching man pulls a “gangster move” during “Mr Big Stuff” closely:

Pete has to be in my top 5 of great Hip Hop producers, with me being a die-hard funk head, I heard him loud and clearly. I remember during the mid 90’s I had the honor in opening for him at a venue in Downtown LA called “The Stock Exchange” (which was the original stock exchange building for Los Angeles during the early 20’s). This was the listening party for his solo debut “Soul Survivor”, what’s funny is that I had no idea he was going to show up. A lot of times, record labels may put together a listening party but that doesn’t mean the artist may show up, but in this case I was proven wrong. Its midnite and im flipping my doubles of “Dont Look Any Further” with “Get Money” (this was way before I started doing the emceeing man Toquan The MC from SOUL ELEVATION handled that area..big shout to Dj Rock for hooking me up with that gig!). So as im doing my routine (im on an elevated level overlooking damn near 1000+ people which was a huge deal for me at that time, its like the 8th floor on a balcony), I feel someone hovering over me and im thinking its someone trying to make a request..lo and behold I turn around.. its the “Soul Brother”, im nervous yet excited. We exchanged greetings and gave pounds, I asked him was he ready to play yet and he says “naw man you are nice with it, keep going.” At that point, I go hella hard on the routines. After that the man himself goes in with MOP‘s “How About Some Hardcore” and its pure pandemonium (bear in mind this was a Hip Hop/R&B crowd that was wide open that nite…high heels and all!). After the set, we had a brief conversation about “Crown Heights Affair” and funk breaks. Thats my Pete Rock moment I had to share which I still cherish to this day.

Thank You 4 The Funk Pete!! Happy Belated Birthday!!

Unique74 salutes SLY STONE | HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!


Guess who produced this number?
(proud owner of the 7inch on this jam..)

This next record has haunted me for years. The lead singer is still a mystery to this day..but it is clear as bell that the FAMILY STONE is holding down the rhthym section. Guess who produced this one? (whoever has the 7 inch to this.. you are BEYOND official, not easy to find. I am a proud owner of this and the MIGHTY JOE HICKS version on 7inch).

Guess who was the FIRST to use the talkbox? Which later influenced STEVIE, GUITAR WATSON, FRAMPTON, McCARTNEY, ERNIE ISLEY, TROUTMAN, etc. This was the theme music for the late great FRANKIE CROCKER “The Chief Rocker” (MY HERO!!) in his earlier years whenever he would “rap” on the radio. Stomp down Blues Funk at its finest!!

Fans: the song is entitled “Sex Machine”…no not the James Brown can be found on their 1969 release “Stand”


“I Dont Know What The World Is Coming To” (1975) | Bobby Womack Sly provides background vocals. Put headphones on for it to really become clear, can be heard at the end near fade out.

“You Caught Me (Smiling)” (1971) | 7inch version | Sly and The Family Stone
Okay, for my “diggers” out know where im going with this one..This is an alternate mix compared to the standard lp mix. The difference is that during the first bridge before the chorus, Sly lets out a huge JB-ish growl that can be only found on the 7 inch version.

Motown | The Golden Years {Dahl | McDougal III }
The Great Weldon McDougall III,
Musician, Producer, Former Label Exec for Motown/Philadelphia International states in his book that Sly and The Family Stone’s “STAND” lp was used as reference at Motown quality control meetings in search of direction for The Jackson 5 debut Lp “ABC” .

Funk Gets Stronger | Funkadelic | (1979)
Sly on the background vocals/talk box with Roger Troutman on Rhythm Guitar. A really feel good cut!!

Guess who is the proud owner of a skit with Sly + a live perfomance of “Family Affair” on The Tony Orlando Show (1977)?! Super Rare..Not even YOU TUBE can claim that one..

The Night Is On My Mind | Nancy Wilson | Sunshine

Unique74 Remembers Bob Keane | Rest In Paradise

He was the heartbeat behind the LA sound that shaped and molded many labels to come. A brainchild behind many projects and artists that created the foundation of LA’s music culture for many decades. A giant named Bob Keane has left the building..he will be greatly missed..Rest In Paradise.

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Remembering Dj Dusk | Happy Birthday!!

Happy Birtdhay Dj Dusk! A Man who truly lived and loved The Music & The Culture…an ambassador of goodwill and LOVE…eye miss you my Brother..your spirit LIVES ON!!

Black Music in America | (vintage docu)

WARNING: the narrator is corny and rather narrow minded in his approach..”Primacy in rhythm”? wtf..just say the word FUNK! its that simple.. Overall, the presentation has amazing footage, good intent and is worthy of attention.