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Unique74 remembering MUHAMMAD ALI..

The epitome of strength,  manhood and humanity is now an ancestor..may The Creator be pleased with him..Thank You and Rest Easy Muhammad Ali…(this one really more pain..)


Rest In Paradise Mr HORACE SILVER

True Story: My ace boon Greg drove me to his house to meet his pops. Im like “ok cool” as we get to the door he says “by the way my Dad is a musician”..Lo and behold..he was playing in his living room working on a beautiful piece. I saw who it was and I literally froze (im usually the one who is unfazed by anything unless it’s out of the ordinary). Greg says to me “its cool you can say hello to him” and I responded “no man, that man is working on a masterpiece..I cannot interrupt him”. Thank You for your tremendous contribution to the musical pallet which paved the way for too many to mention including myself..Thank You and Rest Well Mr Horace Ward Martin Tavares Silva aka HORACE SILVER..

Happy Black History Month: CHARLES STEPNEY

He is one of the main influences and inspirations for my musical pallet for which I continue to grow. As a kid, I was always marveled by the texture and color in many of his iconic productions. He was one of the main architects in Chicago Soul & Pop for he embraced Classical, Blues Jazz & Rock with his own unique signature that spawned the sounds of Earth, Wind & Fire, Ramsey Lewis & Rotary Connection just to name a few. His level of style, lush and detail took R&B over the top and has influenced many after him. This is the story of Mr CHARLES STEPNEY. #HappyBlackHistoryMonth#Soul #RhythmAndBlues #Pop #Icon #Rock #Innovator #HipHop #Jazz


Happy Birthday Dr MAYA ANGELOU!!!

Poet, Prophet, Educator, Leader, Liberator, Teacher, Shaman, Healer, Epitome..

Happy 85th Birthday Marguerite Ann Johnson aka Dr. Maya Angelou!


Happy Birthday Mr MARVIN GAYE!!!


Many TRY to emulate him but cannot duplicate. He had no formula or trick bag. He had a mission. Spiritual awakening laced with sensual groove and street rhythms. Becoming a standard after being the total under dog at one point in his career. Producer, Writer, Performer to the epitome. To call him an icon or a genius would be short changing his true shine and legacy..he was a Prophet and a Shaman. Taking creative risk as an artist that many celebrate today in their musical own contributions today. A class act, a standard, a healer, a hero. Happy Birthday Sir MARVIN PENTZ GAYE Jr.

Remembering Marvin.

Image  In my top 3 favorite artist/producers/writers of all time..Tomorrow is his born day. Thus, im not going to lay too heavy in it but I have to start heavy in it..There were many before him and after but there is only ONE Marvin Gaye.

He proved that an artist has a civil responsibility to produce music that inspires yet remain multidimensional . Backed by the iconic production team, the mighty Mizell Brothers (aka The Corporation) on this won. It is a travesy that this was not released as a single but a relief that they went into the vaults to unearth this masterpiece. #MGP

Happy Birthday Mr BUNNY SIGLER!!

One of the most prolific writers and timeless composers of all time. An architect of the mighty Philly Sound!! Happy Birthday Mr BUNNY SIGLER!!Image

if Jimi had an iPod.

more importantly…pay attention to what he is listens to. #influence


Happy Birthday to the Queen Of Soul Ms ARETHA FRANKLIN!!!


There are very FEW artist that can withstand fickle taste, corporate shift and changing trends yet somehow remain a centerpiece of artistic validity and a cornerstone of expression. Being one of the prominent voices of the Civil Rights Movement while conquering Jazz, Classic, Blues, Funk, R&B and co author of a blueprint what is now known as Soul Music. Not to mention, she is a very underrated pianist (she should cut an instrumental album like a long time ago..). If you are going to “bow down” to anyone..(lol)..Happy Birthday to the Queen of Soul Ms ARETHA FRANKLIN!!!

Listen: Darius | DigitaLiving Mix

You need this in your life..proper mix from good people. Check it. #DigitaLiving