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Undergrad reflections…Freddie Hubbard

​A thought triggered to the priceless moments of my Music Professor that taught Classical and Jazz. Just imagine having to write review on going to see #TootieHeath (while the man himself stops the show midway just to acknowledge your OG mentor that you’re hanging with in the audience ..over the top..). My professor made it a point to drive the genius of #FreddieHubbard and the #bebop movement into our subconscious. Naturally, I passed both courses with flying colors. Reflective mood. #mood #jazz #unique74

Happy 44th Birthday HIP HOP!!!

It is refreshing to hear the voice of authority and the iconic elder statesmen FAB 5 FREDDY grace the largest platform beyond television and radio. Ultimately, sharing the celebration of iconic figures in the genres of Funk, Rock, Soul and Afro Beat which helped produce the sound of Hip Hop culture!! Infinite Gratitude & Thank You KOOL HERC plus all of the day ones and ancestors that are the legs and shoulders of this rich artform. Thank You to the creative team at #Google for putting together a well researched and planned out presentation. . #googledoodle #fabfivefreddy #hiphop #funk #soul #rock #afrobeat #disco #jazz #breakbeats #street #dance #art #graffiti #ghetto #style #culture #influence #dj #bboy #djlife #bgirl #emcee #appreciation #love #unique74


An Innovator, Trailblazer and Shaman in Black Music, Popular Music and World Music..Thank You for opening our eyes and healing our souls.. Rest easy Mr MAURICE WHITE..



Its been difficult coming to grips in writing this and his departure. Earlier this year, I lost a dear friend, leader, mentor…my OG. There are a handful of people that I can sit down for hours talking about music and it’s spiritual essence. We would laugh and joke for hours while I would always walk away enlightened. His musical contribution runs deep in the DNA of great artists and iconic recordings. I miss my friend..but somehow I know he is always with me. Always remembering and celebrating Mr KEG JOHNSON Jr..


rest easy..


ImageShoot through!! Dropping a Jazz set at 4:15pm at the spot formerly known as the Mountain Bar!!! Stop by and say HELLO.. I will have Ski Tees on deck. Word to Joe Frazier.


Beat Swap Meet LA June 2014 Official Staff Pass – Art by Jextraterrestrial

Get involved.

Beat Swap Meet is this Sunday afternoon June 22nd in the Historical Chinatown Central Plaza – Downtown Los Angeles, California. Open to the public, all ages, & entrance is free w/ donation of a canned good.

Rest In Paradise Mr HORACE SILVER

True Story: My ace boon Greg drove me to his house to meet his pops. Im like “ok cool” as we get to the door he says “by the way my Dad is a musician”..Lo and behold..he was playing in his living room working on a beautiful piece. I saw who it was and I literally froze (im usually the one who is unfazed by anything unless it’s out of the ordinary). Greg says to me “its cool you can say hello to him” and I responded “no man, that man is working on a masterpiece..I cannot interrupt him”. Thank You for your tremendous contribution to the musical pallet which paved the way for too many to mention including myself..Thank You and Rest Well Mr Horace Ward Martin Tavares Silva aka HORACE SILVER..

Happy Black History Month: CHARLES STEPNEY

He is one of the main influences and inspirations for my musical pallet for which I continue to grow. As a kid, I was always marveled by the texture and color in many of his iconic productions. He was one of the main architects in Chicago Soul & Pop for he embraced Classical, Blues Jazz & Rock with his own unique signature that spawned the sounds of Earth, Wind & Fire, Ramsey Lewis & Rotary Connection just to name a few. His level of style, lush and detail took R&B over the top and has influenced many after him. This is the story of Mr CHARLES STEPNEY. #HappyBlackHistoryMonth#Soul #RhythmAndBlues #Pop #Icon #Rock #Innovator #HipHop #Jazz


Unique74 Remembers GEORGE DUKE (RIP)


His contribution to Black Music, Pop, Rock, Funk, Jazz, Soul & Modern Music raised the bar across the board; while his gift uplifted and continues to inspire many, myself included. The intense commitment to awaken the spirit of mankind is felt in his plethora of compositions in addition to his signature blend of Classical & Blues; while his complex body of work remains challenging and spiritually liberating. Thank You Mr GEORGE DUKE. Rest In Paradise. Please keep his family and loved ones in thought and meditation.

Happy Birthday LARRY DUNN!!!!

Master Keyboardist, Pianist, Composer, Chordsmith, one of the founders of the greatest band in the land..He has been a huge inspiration in my brave attempt to play keys.. Happy Birthday Sir Larry Dunn!!!


Happy Birthday Mr GIL SCOT HERON!!!



An artist/icon that gave what he lived..very few made the attempt to delve into an intense direction of the Black experience and its triumph while detailing the mountains and valleys of that very experience with vigor; which spawned a new generation of writers and freedom fighters that searched for the ultimate nirvana in celebrating the human experience. Happy Birthday Mr GIL SCOT HERON!!!