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Unique74 remembers Hugh Hefner..

He was the square that got over. Player supreme.. standing ovation.. rest easy Hef..

Unique74 remembers.. BERNIE CASEY 

Maaaaan listen..As a kid growing up, he was somebody you looked up to in awe of his no nonsense, no foolishness, smart, tough, cool and intelligent approach. He was one of the first action heroes I can remember that set the tone for many that followed. Pure Alpha at its apex. NFL icon aboard the Star Trek enterprise.. Standing Ovation & Thank You for your iconic contribution Mr BERNIE represented us to the fullest.. fly easy..

Happy 76th Birthday George Clinton!! 

​He literally fused science fiction, advanced lyrical metaphor, street culture with extremely high level music theory. In my mind..he was and is a real life comic book hero! Happy Birthday GEORGE CLINTON!!

Unique74 Remembers: ROD TEMPERTON

The silent genius who made his mark writing life’s songbook. My heart hurts. Thank You and Rest Easy Mr #RodTemperton


Unique74 Remembers: BILL NUNN

I always spot out the realest ones..consistency from day one. Thank You and Rest Easy Mr #BillNunn you repped us well. 👑


Happy Birthday “Sweetback”!!

👊 “C’mon feet..can’t quit movin’ now..” Mentor and Hero..The Godfather of #independentfilm Happy Birthday Unk!! Mr #MelvinVanPeebles aka


#Sweetback New York. 2009. #wisdom #leo #icon #visionary #filmmaker  #sophisticatedgents

Unique74 remembering MUHAMMAD ALI..

The epitome of strength,  manhood and humanity is now an ancestor..may The Creator be pleased with him..Thank You and Rest Easy Muhammad Ali…(this one really more pain..)


Rest Easy Phife…



Remembering Clarence Reid aka Blowfly..

If you are a genuine student and savant of #Funk #Soul #RhythmandBlues #NorthernSoul #MiamiSound #Comedy. You are aware first hand that his body of work is paramount in the cultivation of these celebrated artforms. When you talk about REAL #songwriting and #production..his name is iconic. Last of the real ones and great ones..Rest easy Mr #ClarenceReid aka #Blowfly Keep his family in prayer and meditation..



Its been difficult coming to grips in writing this and his departure. Earlier this year, I lost a dear friend, leader, mentor…my OG. There are a handful of people that I can sit down for hours talking about music and it’s spiritual essence. We would laugh and joke for hours while I would always walk away enlightened. His musical contribution runs deep in the DNA of great artists and iconic recordings. I miss my friend..but somehow I know he is always with me. Always remembering and celebrating Mr KEG JOHNSON Jr..


rest easy..