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The Fabulous Dramatics • Unsung

​Detroit Definitive. Finally got a chance to absorb The Dramatics Unsung episode. It was great to see the surviving members share wisdom and their climb to iconic longevity that put them in a class of their own..unchallenged. The prolific writing and production team of Tony Hester and Don Davis got an honorable mention which was one of my favorites highlights. They as a creative powerhouse seemed to have chosen the reclusive route while keeping their head buried in musical books to create a rich catalog that still stands to this very day. It was also great to see their musical peers make a surprise appearance while giving their insight on the magnitude for their body of work. #thedramatics #unsung #unique74

Livin’ For The Funk: SWITCH (Unsung)

​Finally braced myself to watch the profile episode. On a lighter note, is it just me or does Phillip (feather perm) seems like he was saying during the interview segment “oh that’s nothing..that’s just the half of it”! lmfao He was one of the funniest and candidly honest. There were some other funny highlights..Jody: “siiiiign the mathafacka!!”..lmfao!! I need to see the unedited interviews for the I don’t wanna give away too much. On a musical note, Phillip was a great lead vocalist as well, I had no idea that was him all these years (it’s in the genes as well..look up: Ingram Kingdom). Tommy is indisputably a beast bass player.. he had some serious thumps on all those recordings. Looking back makes me appreciate them more. For the record and as a fellow historian who personally witnessed that era, “Best Beat In Town” was irrefutably one of their staple jams..everybody had to turn in a “Dance Record”..even Rock bands. Knock it off…that song was huge in the hood. I can’t allow shade to be thrown on one of the best party jams of all time. Dont be putting a remix on history…go get your old Billboard stats..ijs #switch #unsung #unique74

Livin’ For The Funk: The Originals | “Down To Love Town” (Dim’s mix)

I’ve been obsessed with this song forever. This is basically an opera piece if you observe the instrumentation & lyrics. Furthermore, we must celebrate the powerful delivery of the late great Mr FREDDIE GORMAN who delivers pure vocal excellence plus phrasing. Dim (aka DIMITRI FROM PARIS) doesn’t compromise the original version but accentuates sheer brilliance of this piece by revealing the strings as the opening to the flood gates of a soulful testimonial. #‎Motown


Happy 40th Anniversary INNERVISIONS!!!

Happy 40th Anniversary to my favorite album of all albums ever. I remember being a kid dissecting this album to pieces while embracing the nuances and colors. 35 years later, the legend still burns me as a grown man damn near harassing the great ROBERT MARGOULEFF for an interview to speak on this album and countless others (if you know the name and his significance…you know what it is). ImageThis record changed and shaped my taste in many ways..INNERVISIONS!!!

Happy Birthday Mr JAMES GADSON!!!

JAMGADSON-2-12-1His sound is a dignified staple in a plethora of gems that span over 5 decades to this very day, resonating rhythm at its apex. He has been a huge influence in my musical DNA and is one of the main reasons of me making a brave attempt at playing drums as a kid. His signature sound has been the blueprint for Funk, Blues, Soul, Rock, Disco, Hip Hop, and the list goes on. His groove continues to be a driving force and the standard in sound. Happy Birthday Mr James Gadson!!! Enjoy to the max sir!!!!!

Happy Birthday Mr MARVIN GAYE!!!


Many TRY to emulate him but cannot duplicate. He had no formula or trick bag. He had a mission. Spiritual awakening laced with sensual groove and street rhythms. Becoming a standard after being the total under dog at one point in his career. Producer, Writer, Performer to the epitome. To call him an icon or a genius would be short changing his true shine and legacy..he was a Prophet and a Shaman. Taking creative risk as an artist that many celebrate today in their musical own contributions today. A class act, a standard, a healer, a hero. Happy Birthday Sir MARVIN PENTZ GAYE Jr.

Remembering Marvin.

Image  In my top 3 favorite artist/producers/writers of all time..Tomorrow is his born day. Thus, im not going to lay too heavy in it but I have to start heavy in it..There were many before him and after but there is only ONE Marvin Gaye.

He proved that an artist has a civil responsibility to produce music that inspires yet remain multidimensional . Backed by the iconic production team, the mighty Mizell Brothers (aka The Corporation) on this won. It is a travesy that this was not released as a single but a relief that they went into the vaults to unearth this masterpiece. #MGP

Happy Birthday Ms DIANA ROSS!!!


(Taurus is kickin’ ass!! the past few weeks!!) One of the few artist that still stands the test of time for over 5 decades..defining and redefining not only musically being the ultimate centerpiece in fashion and flair as well. Pop, Rock, Soul, Standards, Jazz,etc…she has remained to be a criteria and standard in a class of her own, opening the door for many after her. Happy Birthday to “The Boss” Ms DIANA ROSS!!! (now you can “bow down”

Livin’ For The FUNK: STEVIE WONDER | “Summer Soft”

Been stuck on this..hear something different every time..the colors..obsessed. He is going off on those drums!! (he does not get enough credit as a drummer).

Livin’ For The Funk: “Put Out The Fire” -Lamont Dozier

I gotta give it up to WIZ KHALIFA for re-introducing me this record..When I use to visit my Pops in “The Dons” as a kid (slang term for the BALDWIN HILLS section of South LA) , I use to see this record a lot at the top of his collection. This is on some serious 1970’s “jack move” kind of music (especially that creeping bass line at the beginning) courtesy of DETROIT’s own THE POLITICIANS. 7 years ago I had the honor of finally meeting and shaking hands with Mr Dozier..epic moment.