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Undergrad reflections…Freddie Hubbard

​A thought triggered to the priceless moments of my Music Professor that taught Classical and Jazz. Just imagine having to write review on going to see #TootieHeath (while the man himself stops the show midway just to acknowledge your OG mentor that you’re hanging with in the audience ..over the top..). My professor made it a point to drive the genius of #FreddieHubbard and the #bebop movement into our subconscious. Naturally, I passed both courses with flying colors. Reflective mood. #mood #jazz #unique74

Happy Anniversary N*E*R*D “In search of…”

​Honorable mention: 16 years ago..I was working a day gig while interning and moonlighting for 3 plus different labels (sorry My artful skill of negotiating allowed me to convince the company head of my day gig to allow me full clearance to leave my job early (two days a week)while having the other foot in what would eventually become classic releases. I felt very strong about the promise in this album and was always partial to the European mix. I have the last limited instrumental vinyl somewhere in my arsenal. I was very honored to be part of the ground work in this iconic release. Happy 16th Anniversary of the N*E*R*D release “In Search Of..”!! #nerd #classics #theneptunes #djaski #unique74

Dinner Flow 8.6

​A man of value deserves full quality and cooperation. In the meantime until that happens.. up in here handling my business on these blends (what else is new?). Mumbai Pav Bhaji Curry and Turnips. #cuisine #vegan #fitness #djlife #unique74

Paid In Full 30

Honorable Mention: People carelessly use the word “classic” in today’s world of microwave culture yet never prepared a home cooked meal. There are hot items of the month and there are important movements of a lifetime. This release shook the stratosphere (alongside Public Enemy’s “It Takes A Nation Of Millions To Hold Us Back”) while being an embodiment of the most celebrated and boldly definitive years of 87-88. Street smart, musically colorful, lyrically superior and rich in soul. All along they knew we gotta “make em’ clap to this”. This release was a movement…”I ain’t no joke”. Happy 30 Year Anniversary of the iconic release “Paid In Full”. #paidinfull #ericbandrakim #unique74 


Hey yall!! Its that time..Summertime!! Places I will be playing this weekend and I cordially invite you to the following events:

6.24 Derek McKeith “WOMAN” Album Release Party | Open Bar 7-8 | RSVP:

“Summers Use To Be Like” (A-Ski Remix) -Derek McKeith
DMCK 624


6.25 BET Awards After Party + Soulful vibes..This Sunday..spread the word..




Levels. Morals, strength, code, character and principals aren’t found in the VIP section. Sorry to break it to you. Know the difference. Highly paid and highly respected are two different conversations. Let that sink in.



Yours truly (DJ A-Ski) doing my thing tonight. Shoot set is primetime from 12:30-1:30 owwwwwww


Cardio 8.25

183 calories burned after 35 minutes of inclined cardio. On my weekly grid. Not a single soul can tell me s–t about hard work..I added chapters to the volumes. Do the knowledge. Levels. #fitness #vegan #djlife #producerlife #creativeconsultant #selfmade #integrity #discipline #djaski #Unique74



Accurate. Digs. 🔥 👍


Post Workout Dinner 9.19v


Post Workout Dinner: Vegan Caribbean Rice w/ Romaine Salad. Handle mine. #vegan #fitness #cuisine #Unique74