Unique74 remembering Ras G..

This one hurts. This was my dawgs right here.. This one is tough..an immediate genuine bond from the gate. This brother constantly encouraged and inspire. We’d have those #inthewrld conversations and they would eventually become inside jokes..lmfao..He was a solid and good brother..gentle warrior. We’d have long discussions about intellectual property and sampling..his response wasContinue reading “Unique74 remembering Ras G..”

Friday Morning Recap 8.17

Team Friday up and ready. Gotta a little cardio in and hittin’ the iron later. Been leaning on the alkaline meal plan and less carbs…more sleep..drama free..stress free.. (gotta stick to your plan). Yall make it good one..sho u right. #fitness #vegan #swolenation #reversetheclock #djlife #djaski #unique74

Cardio flow 9.20

My brother Brent from Queens trying to kill your man on this treadmill “gimme five more minutes on the incline” πŸ˜‚ one of my biggest supporters who always rep the most and loudest every time I play a guest set..real ones inspire you to do better. πŸ‘Š #fitness #vegan #reversetheclock #longterm #djlife #vitality #discipline #gohardorgohomeContinue reading “Cardio flow 9.20”