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Day 2 weekly regiment 3/11

Play the bench or run the play. Takin’ care of the wealth. Day 2. Bring it.  #longterm #beastmode #nosettling #vegan #Unique74


10/4 event & soiree

10/4 Something the date..more TBA #Lifeline #ElectricLife #Unique74 #Fashion #Music #DTLA #ElectricLife #Unique74 @derekmckeith #ELECTRICLIFERECORDSMG #music #mix #friends #FamilyTree #musicpublishing #musiclicensing #songwriter #producer #charity #events WWW.DEREKMCKEITH.COM


Day 1

Day 1 squad since 1986. Looks like a #FourTrackMinds project is in the works too!


The hunt..

Went hunting for a couple of 45’s earlier and ended up with 2 armful of records. Late nite quiet time listening session, rarely get a chance to do this anymore. You have to embrace the grooves and understand the nuances of each song. Detail. Analog. #vinyl #DJlife #Unique74 Photography: A-Ski


Currently Reading: BOBBY WOMACK My Story

The heavier the crown the bigger the weight..Any man who can turn down $175,000 knows his true value is bigger than settling for less. Integrity. Hit upside the head with nothing but jewels & wisdom. womack



Livin’ For The Funk: The Originals | “Down To Love Town” (Dim’s mix)

I’ve been obsessed with this song forever. This is basically an opera piece if you observe the instrumentation & lyrics. Furthermore, we must celebrate the powerful delivery of the late great Mr FREDDIE GORMAN who delivers pure vocal excellence plus phrasing. Dim (aka DIMITRI FROM PARIS) doesn’t compromise the original version but accentuates sheer brilliance of this piece by revealing the strings as the opening to the flood gates of a soulful testimonial. #‎Motown



Music Submissions, etc

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Bryon Lee and my homie from Trinidad.. I do my 4 mile run regiment, I came across 5 yard sales. I ran into one special house..the cat with the Yankees hat and the gold chain was the main cat. I asked him if he had any records. He says “well, what are you looking for?” “Everything “. “Do you have any Byron Lee?”..he gave me a very surprised look. He says “we’re from Trinidad..hold tight”. As I wait, his drop dead fine and very courteous daughters informed me that he has a lot of records and the history of Soca music. He comes back with a box of Funk, Soca & Reggae. He says “you can knock on this door anytime, I got more records!” #vinyl #analogImageA

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