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Events: Dr Fahamu Pecou Exhibition TODAY

#Repost @fahamupecou
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A little love from @latimes
#TRAPADEMIA opens today

@KopeikinGallery in LA!!! @DjRashida is spinning… It never rains in SoCal so you know the weather’s gonna be great… You already know… this shit is about to be next level!!!
#fahamupecou #fahamupecouistheshit #worldwideheknownforthat

My first and only true love…Music

Long before I touched a sampler or a turntable..I touched keys as a kid. A bit rusty but the soul is within. Never learned to read..

but im always.. hearing something in my head..

Day 2 weekly regiment 3/11

Play the bench or run the play. Takin’ care of the wealth. Day 2. Bring it.  #longterm #beastmode #nosettling #vegan #Unique74


10/4 event & soiree

10/4 Something the date..more TBA #Lifeline #ElectricLife #Unique74 #Fashion #Music #DTLA #ElectricLife #Unique74 @derekmckeith #ELECTRICLIFERECORDSMG #music #mix #friends #FamilyTree #musicpublishing #musiclicensing #songwriter #producer #charity #events WWW.DEREKMCKEITH.COM


Day 1

Day 1 squad since 1986. Looks like a #FourTrackMinds project is in the works too!


The hunt..

Went hunting for a couple of 45’s earlier and ended up with 2 armful of records. Late nite quiet time listening session, rarely get a chance to do this anymore. You have to embrace the grooves and understand the nuances of each song. Detail. Analog. #vinyl #DJlife #Unique74 Photography: A-Ski


Currently Reading: BOBBY WOMACK My Story

The heavier the crown the bigger the weight..Any man who can turn down $175,000 knows his true value is bigger than settling for less. Integrity. Hit upside the head with nothing but jewels & wisdom. womack



Bryon Lee and my homie from Trinidad.. I do my 4 mile run regiment, I came across 5 yard sales. I ran into one special house..the cat with the Yankees hat and the gold chain was the main cat. I asked him if he had any records. He says “well, what are you looking for?” “Everything “. “Do you have any Byron Lee?”..he gave me a very surprised look. He says “we’re from Trinidad..hold tight”. As I wait, his drop dead fine and very courteous daughters informed me that he has a lot of records and the history of Soca music. He comes back with a box of Funk, Soca & Reggae. He says “you can knock on this door anytime, I got more records!” #vinyl #analogImageA

Ski Plays It Cool | April | Top 10

1. The Heavy Supremes “Nuttin But Reflections” |  FREE download | Ahmed Sirour RMX

2.Hey Nas | NAS (Aslow One RMX)

3.California | Leon Ware 

4.Menino | Patricia Marx & 4 Hero

5.Healing Vibrations  | Gaby Hernandez

6.Midnight Rendezvous | Carla Prather

7.Act Your Waist Size | Count BassD

8.Mainline | Black Ivory 

9.2012 | Sonnymoon

10. Why You Wanna Treat Me So Bad | PRINCE