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Unique74 remembers Hugh Hefner..

He was the square that got over. Player supreme.. standing ovation.. rest easy Hef..

Happy 44th Birthday HIP HOP!!!

It is refreshing to hear the voice of authority and the iconic elder statesmen FAB 5 FREDDY grace the largest platform beyond television and radio. Ultimately, sharing the celebration of iconic figures in the genres of Funk, Rock, Soul and Afro Beat which helped produce the sound of Hip Hop culture!! Infinite Gratitude & Thank You KOOL HERC plus all of the day ones and ancestors that are the legs and shoulders of this rich artform. Thank You to the creative team at #Google for putting together a well researched and planned out presentation. . #googledoodle #fabfivefreddy #hiphop #funk #soul #rock #afrobeat #disco #jazz #breakbeats #street #dance #art #graffiti #ghetto #style #culture #influence #dj #bboy #djlife #bgirl #emcee #appreciation #love #unique74

visual: “altar” | THH70

“altar ©” (ode to DJ A-Ski) – 2009 | THH70
a big shout out to my good friend & visual artist THH70 who informed me that this piece was inspired by yours truly. I am truly humbled and amazed! Beautiful work!

Check out more from THH70:


Michael Joseph Jackson was more than a perfectionist, an artist, or an entertainer. He was an institution, a way of life that raised the criteria above and beyond more than any other artist before or after him (Trust me..I was a fan long before Thriller and Off The Wall..). There is no question that he was an extension of the greats before him (ie, Ray Charles, James Brown, Sammy Davis Jr, Fred Astaire, The Nicholas Bros, etd) . There are very few artist that can stay on the pulse of art and culture for over a lifetime, while raising the bench mark. I could go on forever and a day to speak on such a great man and a gift to the world who taught me the ultimate definiton of the word ICON. At the moment, I am still in shock and am having a hard time putting together how I truly feel in its full essence.

Thank you Sir Michael, I will always love you!


Ps: We send all of our Love and Prayers to The Jackson Family and friends.

Msg: To all of the fans, we must stay strong and keep jamming MJ in your boombox, ipod, in your car or truck and lets celebrate his Homecoming! He is at PEACE..No one can hurt him anymore..


Caktuz..? is one of the most talented artist that’s stepping the game up super major. Do NOT sleep on this cat.