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#Smitten #2

I said it once and I will say it again..If I were to settle down and call it a day. ..Salome all day. #smitten Image

loyalty: spitting out thorns


when you have a chance to walk away. stay a better way can make a way. if they dont ride with you but are fighting you..they are devalueing you. dont trip..humble pie stays in stock. charge it to the game.

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25 lessons i’ve learned in 2012 | by A-SKI

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Most people do New Year’s Resolutions, I decided to go the opposite direction and recap valuable lessons and trials over the year. A resolution to me is more of another proponent in procrastination (why wait till the New Year if you had not reflected what you gained in the past year?). So here goes..

1. Family first.

2. Health is paramount.

3. Feels great to stop paying a credit card bill (and starting a retirement portfolio).

4. Going through the darkness to fully appreciate the light (grimy before shiny).

5. Community service is vital (voluntary of course).

6. What use to excite me at 25 is an appetizer for me these days (not the main course..still in the menu). 

7. Celebrate abundance.

8.  Watching the elders grow older is beautiful (but difficult to fully embrace).

9.  Money, people and status are musical chairs (don’t get excited).

10. I finally met BOBBY WOMACK and he is exactly as I figured!!! Epic! 

11. Staying creative (working with like minds that respect what you do is a blessing).

12. Letting the past stay where it is (you will be enslaved by it..instead of being inspired by it).

13. There is a crossroads with people you think that would be in your life forever (you still wish them well..all love..all good). 

14. There are those chosen few who stay consistent and loyal (y’all know who you are…thank you for ridin’ for me! champagne and good times for life! always love!!)

15. It has to be my way (everybody wins).

16. Keeping good counsel is worth more than money. 

17. Laying low (avoiding the shadows is the natural light). 

18. Laugh at yourself more (you’ll go crazy if you don’t). 

19. Im still obsessed with Stevie Wonder’s  “INNERVISIONS”. 

20. Feels good to play instruments and compose again. 

21. Ready to do some more traveling.

22. I have outgrown LA (all love..been there..cant do reruns). 

23. Staying in shape is the s–t! (I use to RUN from the gym I run towards it!)

24. Seeking and gravitating toward higher frequencies is pure nirvana (shifting the focus).

25. Keep it humble in the rumble. 


26. Never cry over spilled milk..get a better cow.

Mecca and The Soul Brother | 20


“Mecca and The Soul Brother” was a very important album during the time of its release 20 years ago (where does the time go..) and still remains celebrated today. It explored a very wide spectrum of Soul, Jazz, Funk on an aggressive level but it bears an assortment of moods in each of those generes under the Hip Hop drawing board. Rhythmically, it was raw yet smooth while balancing its cutting edge. This album made me step my game up in terms of record digging and sound exploration.

love me some Yoli..

This is a REAL goddess. Smitten. There is hope. (If I ever decided to settle and leave the game…)



No child or elder should suffer under any circumstances or conditions. #Gaza #Pray #World

on the job.

on the job doing what I do…just a little taste from last Thursday nite at HEADspace!




4.14 | Saturday Nite SPECIAL | w/ Dj A-Ski | The Vault Ensemble After Party!

Unique74 Presents…Saturday Night *SPECIAL w/ A-Ski | Percussion: Orlando | 4.14 • Onyx Lounge | DTLA | The Vault Ensemble: Bankrupt AFTER PARTY   | No Cover Entry |10pm | Birthdays/Booth Reservations:



Unique74 Recap* 3.10 Saturday Nite SPECIAL. Crocker Club | DTLA

I learned and know one thing this past nite..nothing is more powerful than TRUTH & UNCONDITIONAL LOVE..I want to thank everybody that came and shared the vibe with us last saturday nite at SATURDAY NITE SPECIAL at CROCKER CLUB!! A lotta good spirits blessed us and shared the vibe of good music, good people and unified groove..beyond humbled and grateful..stay tuned for the next  SPECIAL session! One Love!!

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last nite’s recap: CHOICE Tuesdays!


Last nite CHOICE Tuesdays LA at Onyx Lounge with my man Special Guest Sjoerd Neggers aka D FELIC (HOLLAND) was beyond classic!! He came with the beautiful CHOICE cuts!! (yes, we finally linked!!) We also welcome the return of our very own Dorian Missick aka TAILWIND TURNER who came with the heat as always!! Please send a get well to our comrade Da’shon Is. who was under the weather was not able to make it out to jam with us!! Biggups and a big shout to Deejay MzaTony LopezGeorGe Recinos , etc who blessed us with some good energy in the place!! Stay Tuned for HIGH END STEREO with an encore set with D FELIC THIS THURSDAY at NAYA LOUNGE in SILVERLAKE!!!