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Unique74 Recap* 3.10 Saturday Nite SPECIAL. Crocker Club | DTLA

I learned and know one thing this past nite..nothing is more powerful than TRUTH & UNCONDITIONAL LOVE..I want to thank everybody that came and shared the vibe with us last saturday nite at SATURDAY NITE SPECIAL at CROCKER CLUB!! A lotta good spirits blessed us and shared the vibe of good music, good people and unified groove..beyond humbled and grateful..stay tuned for the next  SPECIAL session! One Love!!

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Eat Drink Listen Mondays: MANIFESTORS Meet Up | 2.20

Hey everybody..TONITE we present a special new monthly installment of EAT DRINK LISTEN Mondays!! MANIFESTORS Meet Up!! Mix and mingle with like minds after work while taking in some sounds, tapas, fine cuisine , (happy hour 10-11) ^ 6-Midnight | No Cover | TONITE at Onyx Lounge

CHOICE Tuesdays: Cupid UnComplicated Edition | ONYX LOUNGE DTLA | Valentine’s Day Special 2.14

CHOICE Tuesdays: Cupid UnComplicated Edition

This is a very special V-Day Edition of CHOICE TUESDAYS!!

Cupid UnComplicated is an evening for singles to mix, mingle and meet. Hosted by Success Strategist: Johnel Barron a professional motivational speaker and Success Coach.

Barron says the goal of the night is to provide a chance for downtowners to come out and have fun. In addition, to the Resident Dj’s A-Ski & Selector Da’shon Is. supplying the soundtrack+ guest comedians, Barron will accept anonymous written questions from the crowd to give advice of Dating and Relationships in real time. There will also a matchmaking session called: “21 minutes of love,” 3-7 minutes opportunities at meeting someone new.

Singles, couples and those that are just on Facebook browsing are welcome to come out!!!


The ultimate weekly after-work nightlife lounge excursion in Downtown
LA with Dj’s:
A-SKI (Unique74, LA)

No Cover | Drink Specials (Happy Hour starts at 10pm) | Tapas |
Cuisine | 7p-12a

Onyx Lounge

118 W 5th St
Los Angeles, CA 90013

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ONYX LOUNGE & Unique74 Presents..

EDL | EatDrinkListen | MONDAYS

Music, Life, Atmosphere & Ambience at its height on a Monday Night Weekly! THE ultimate after work lounge experience in DOWNTOWN LOS ANGELES .

Selections | Progressions | Moods>
selector Da’shon Is.

No Cover | Happy Hour All Nite | Tapas | Cuisine | 6p-Midnight

Onyx Lounge 
118 W 5th St
Los Angeles, CA 90013
No Cover w/>

This week we are having a special listening event of an EDL Monday favorite ** SONNYMOON** w/their new EP release “2012” !! 5 delicious cuts that we are going to be gracing your ears over a glass of wine and fine bites. 


Once upon no time, countless light-years from Earth, the cosmos revealed the moment had come to take action. Sonnymoon, a mystical, nurturing, peaceful planet, found itself on a collision course with Earth, whose inhabitants had a dubious history of preaching peace yet living lives of war. History had once before shown that when worlds collide, the trauma of such a collision is forceful enough to cause a massive rip in the time/space continuum, throwing all things as we know it into uncharted territory. One effect of this rip is the potential for chaos, mayhem, and complete destruction. But, as fate would have it, Sonnymoon had written it quite differently.

As known on Sonnymoon, the people of Earth are able to vibrationally align with Sonnymoon through gradual contact. That which no longer serves the people will fall away, creating the Golden Age of being. This communion of vibrational frequency results in a vastly expanded collective consciousness. It is most easily achieved through the creation and sharing of music.

So as all planets do, Sonnymoon created the perfect beings to self-fulfill the prophecy. From the deepest depths of the sea they called forth an energy entity to be called Anna, comprised of feminine aspects: wisdom, water, land, emotion, passion, moonlight. From the core of the sun they called forth a polar energy to be named Dane, comprised of the masculine: intelligence, fire, wind, cognition, sunlight. Together they formed the perfect celestial balance of non-duality –embodying Sonnymoon itself. Anna and Dane soon set forth as journeymen, ambassadors of their world, and were given but one mission – find allies and prepare Earth for the energies of the coming planet, thereby averting catastrophe.

Upon first landing on Earth, they noticed the void was vast and deep. This would be no simple task. Dane quickly found that the music Earth most often communicated via airwaves was not indicative of the wants (or needs) of the people. Meanwhile, Anna was challenged to make sense of foreign concepts such as ignorance, mediocrity, and perhaps worst of all, suburbia. But they pressed on, creating music that undoubtedly expanded the minds of all that that were ready. And in due time, Sonnymoon found a powerful ally with the team at Plug Research. 
Sonnymoon is part of the fertile ground by which the new and innovative springs forth. They are an army of the audible, a musical militia manned by two. There is no time to prepare sufficiently for their coming– they have already arrived and the mass-scale invasion is imminent. For those receptive to their transmission – prepare for your world to change.