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25 lessons i’ve learned in 2012 | by A-SKI

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Most people do New Year’s Resolutions, I decided to go the opposite direction and recap valuable lessons and trials over the year. A resolution to me is more of another proponent in procrastination (why wait till the New Year if you had not reflected what you gained in the past year?). So here goes..

1. Family first.

2. Health is paramount.

3. Feels great to stop paying a credit card bill (and starting a retirement portfolio).

4. Going through the darkness to fully appreciate the light (grimy before shiny).

5. Community service is vital (voluntary of course).

6. What use to excite me at 25 is an appetizer for me these days (not the main course..still in the menu). 

7. Celebrate abundance.

8.  Watching the elders grow older is beautiful (but difficult to fully embrace).

9.  Money, people and status are musical chairs (don’t get excited).

10. I finally met BOBBY WOMACK and he is exactly as I figured!!! Epic! 

11. Staying creative (working with like minds that respect what you do is a blessing).

12. Letting the past stay where it is (you will be enslaved by it..instead of being inspired by it).

13. There is a crossroads with people you think that would be in your life forever (you still wish them well..all love..all good). 

14. There are those chosen few who stay consistent and loyal (y’all know who you are…thank you for ridin’ for me! champagne and good times for life! always love!!)

15. It has to be my way (everybody wins).

16. Keeping good counsel is worth more than money. 

17. Laying low (avoiding the shadows is the natural light). 

18. Laugh at yourself more (you’ll go crazy if you don’t). 

19. Im still obsessed with Stevie Wonder’s  “INNERVISIONS”. 

20. Feels good to play instruments and compose again. 

21. Ready to do some more traveling.

22. I have outgrown LA (all love..been there..cant do reruns). 

23. Staying in shape is the s–t! (I use to RUN from the gym I run towards it!)

24. Seeking and gravitating toward higher frequencies is pure nirvana (shifting the focus).

25. Keep it humble in the rumble. 


26. Never cry over spilled milk..get a better cow.

Unique74 Recap* 3.10 Saturday Nite SPECIAL. Crocker Club | DTLA

I learned and know one thing this past nite..nothing is more powerful than TRUTH & UNCONDITIONAL LOVE..I want to thank everybody that came and shared the vibe with us last saturday nite at SATURDAY NITE SPECIAL at CROCKER CLUB!! A lotta good spirits blessed us and shared the vibe of good music, good people and unified groove..beyond humbled and grateful..stay tuned for the next  SPECIAL session! One Love!!

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Unique74: Dj A-SKI | Weekend Warrior Fridays @ LITTLE CAVE | Highland Park | 2.3.12

U know my blends & styles are GQ smooth..check me out at my new FRIDAY NITE weekly 2moro!!

WEEKEND WARRIOR FRIDAYS | ALL MY AQUARIUS BIRTHDAY HEADS & PARTY PEOPLE report to  [LITTLE CAVE . Highland Park} 5922 N Figueroa St | No Cover | Full Bar #Unique74 #FRIDAY #TeamAQUARIUS  

Peace, Love & Unique,


Unique74* Shannon’s Bday PT1 | Soul/Funk/Boogie Classics (ALL VINYL) | DJ A-SKI

(Me and my ace boons Mark & Lance hanging out clowning! cLAssic!)

Soul/Funk/Boogie | DJ A-SKI


Inspiration Focus.

We don’t accept second or third place. We accept the challenge. Team Integrity. Embrace Excellence.


Unique74 Presents..AMIR (Kon & Amir, WaxPoetics | NYC) + friends |10.2 | SUNDAY | BLU MONKEY LOUNGE >Hollywood | FREE

Music, Life & Atmosphere..
+very special guest selectors..

MONALISA (Footlong Development | Strictly Social | LA)

ASLOW ONE (BeatCanvas | Sarkus Crew | JAPAN)

DARIUS aka DAUS (Digital iv, So.F.T. ,Headspace | LA)

JAHKOVA (Fast Fwd, The Goods | LA)


SELECTOR da’shon is (9th Temple , SKF Lounge, EDL | EARTH)


Hosted By

A-SKI (Unique74 , CHOICE Tuesdays | LA)


The story of Kon and Amir begins in the record bins of Boston. A chance encounter at Biscuithead Records in 1996 would lead to one of the best-kept alliances in the beat digging world. Within a year of their meeting, the pair cut On Track Volume 1, the first in what would be a six part series of mix discs, infecting ears with seamless blends of unparalleled beats and breaks. Over a lifetime of collecting, they’ve unearthed records that define the word rare, pulling from the best in deep funk, soul, jazz, R&B, Latin, reggae, and of course, hip-hop. After the conclusion of the On Track series, the duo secured a five-record deal with BBE/Rapster, and have already released two entries the On Track companion series Off Track, with a third installment set for release in March 2010. No bin is too dirty for Kon and Amir; the DJs have scoured all manner of records spots in their day, braving seedy barrooms and rabid fanatics along the way. It’s all been a part of what is now a discography that goes eight albums deep, including The Kings of Diggin’ with their Japanese contemporary DJ Muro. Over the course of their twelve year career, Kon and Amir have gained legendary status oversees while achieving domestic recognition from some of the most beloved beat-diggers, DJs, and producers in the game. Lord Finesse has referred to the team as “two of the most extraordinary but underrated beat diggers in the game,” and turntable virtuoso A-Trak regards their compilations and mixtapes as underground DJ classics. Like the vinyl they collect, Kon and Amir are of a rare breed. They consistently shake up dancefloors the world over, and their popularity is so high that fans actually offer up their own dusty singles and LPs as a gift to these beloved collectors. Their working command of music history makes them breathing tomes of wax knowledge; to that effect, Shady Records, Dr. Dre, Pete Rock, Diamond D, and Capitol Records (to name but a few) have called upon their expertise. –

“Since its inception in 2001, the bi-monthly Wax Poetics magazine has become a bible for seekers of rarefied grooves, message-laden hip-hop, and ephemera from bygone soul and funk eras. It is to publishing what Soul Jazz is to the crate-digging community–not just a distiller of the finest lost sounds in funk, reggae, and jazz but a griot-like teller of their histories. Last year, with the help of Amir Abdullah (of Kon and Amir fame), the magazine expanded to include a label of the same name…” –


($4 beer | $2 off all cocktails | drinks specials) + more TBA

Unique74 Revisited | DJ Mza Presents Soul Circle Radio Show (9.3.2011) | special guest : A-SKI

Recently, I had a chance to sit down with DeeJay MZA at DJ SOUL CIRCLE RADIO and speak on upcoming projects, CHANGE THE MOOD plus other coming attractions + DJ Set (2nd hr) Tune In and Turn it UP!!



Carlos Nino & Miguel Atwood Ferguson-Fall In Love
Bahamadia feat. Dwele-Philadelphia
The Anders Hjelmstad Experience-Mystic Brew
Wagazi-Sleep Rules Everything Around Me
James Blake-The Wilhelm Scream
Jonas-One In Million
Bebel Gilberto-Samba da Bencao (DJ Mza Refix)
DJ Cam Quartet-Montara
DJ Day & Miles Bonny-Skyy, Can You Feel Me
Toro Y Moi-Freak Love (Freddie Joachim Remix)
Flako-I Want You feat. Dirg Werner
DJ A-Ski Set & Interview

Soul Circle Radio Show is broadcast & recorded live every Sat at the Artform Studio

(a very special THANK YOU to the SOUL CIRCLE RADIO, THE ARTFORM STUDIO and RANIKA for holding down the photography!!)

NYC | DJ CENTER | GIL SCOT HERON Tribute Mix >listen


I would like to take time and introduce to you someone that has worked very close with me and the Unique74 family. He has worked wonders for me as a person and my company at which his creative vision and insight has helped to propel many great projects that we’ve produced. Most importantly, he is a true friend and someone that I have had tremendous moral support and creative direction from for over 10 + years. He is what we call a “stand up guy”, very few and far in this day and age.

The man I am speaking of is none other than Da’shon Is, who has recently released his first book that I encourage everyone to purchase. For those who seek self improvement and questions answered, Da’shon Is provides the blueprint in which we are seeking a higher ground. From Romance, Creative, Wealth to Finance ,Travel & other endeavors that we are aspiring for, this book is a central element in reaching these goals.

I highly encourage everyone to pick your online copy of:
“The Way of the Blessed Black Billionaire” by Da’Shon Is


2.25 | Thursday | Little Temple

Your weekly body rock returns with your dj favorites and special live performances.

Performing Live:

A true modern renaissance artist, this known rapper/singer is the master of many forms of expression. In addition to writing and performing rap lyrics, Anacron is an accomplished and professionally trained musician, a composer, a songwriter, a music producer, and a world renown break dancer.

ILLADOX f/ Dj Higher
Los Angeles natives whose sound is about as hard to recognize as their style of dress. They make music that is reminiscent of hip hop past while still bearing a futuristic perspective.


A meticulous blend of hip-hop, rock, and baby makin’ R&B serves as the anthem for this aspiring revolutionary from South Pittsburgh.

We are also celebrating the the mighty mighty PISCES babies + STERELOVE’s own PLUSHONE B”DAY!!!

Special Guest Dj’s:
HIGHER (Illadox/Positive Riddim) + DJ 671 (Station 23)

DJ Selections:

Soul , Funk, Hip Hop, Afro Latin, Dance Anthems, Soulful House + the unexpected

Little Temple
4519 Santa Monica Blvd

21 and Wiser | $5 | 9p-2a | Thursday