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Unique74: Sucio Smash

Team Monday!! A big shout to the homie #SucioSmash who is rockin’ the new NowChild album!  Available now on #iTunes featuring the first single “Bail Out”.  #NowChild #jettmusic #highwatermusic #Unique74




Unique74 Events | LA: WINE KANDY | 3.2 | This Saturday!!

Alright folks..the day is getting super close..the anticipation is high!! Feels good to jam with the Extra Mild Sauce family once again!! Understand, when I do play out..its with only the best of setting and vibe! This Saturday, we encourage you to join us in exploration of dance, sound & vibe as celebrating the birthday of my homeslice Derrick Wize and the zodiac of the mighty mighty PISCES!! I will be jamming with my STONE GROOVE RADIO partner in crime TAILWIND TURNER!! We are also taping segments of my upcoming music video “Summer Touch” and parts of my mini docu. I will also have “Ski Tees” on deck, just hit me up and I make sure you are laced up with the fresh gear. Join us as we spill the wine THIS SATURDAY!! >


NYC | DJ CENTER | GIL SCOT HERON Tribute Mix >listen

Caktuz vs Kanye + Brooklyn Love

Check for one of my closest friends and creative collaborator…he’s one of the most multi talented visual + graphic artist + rapper to ever come of out North Carolina. He has now invaded Europe, LA, NYC and coming to your town next!! dont sleep on the one they call CAKTUZ TREE…..check him out! He is one of those few people that I can say is beyond multi talented..check for his artwork as well…the cat is nice with it..(to all you so called, self titled “creative directors”..step your game up and take notes….my crew is above average..seriously…go and practice first..)


Unique74 | NYC | Summer 2010

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Photography: A-Ski

Unique74: Caktuz?13- SupahBaaddddd! (Radio Version) | (FREE DOWNLOAD)


2nite BE EASY will be celebrating this year’s holiday season &
most importantly the birthday of our own…


DJ’s ANT DEMBY & Kyra Caruso will also be on the 1s & 2s
and you never know who might jump up on the decks 2nite.

Meet us in the back for some sh!t talkin Wii action
or we will see you on the dancefloor

Come warm up with us tonight 12.18.09

BE EASY @ Cantina Latina
every friday from 10:30pm until
brought to you by
dj center | marcus logan | ant demby | kyra caruso

cantina latina
243 east 14 street by 2nd avenue

Unique74 Mixtape Feature: Ian Head | ROCK MUSIC | November | 09

you see…this is why I only roll with top shelf..Ian Head is THAT dude if you dont know. Get to know the has some deep crates and is genuine a fan of the music…my man dropped some beauties on here..

(props on the “Spooky Tooth” or “Gentle Giant”? of the two)

Check out his November mix..peep the education and enjoy!

November 2009 Mixtape: Rock Music
DJ Ian Head

Honestly, calling something “rock” is pretty vague in itself – stereotypically the image associated with it is white, long-haired guys playing guitars over weak rhythm-sections, even though it came out of Black rhythm and blues. I’m not going to try and pretend I’m knowledgeable about the history of rock’n’roll, which is extremely complex and defined in many ways. Some people are going to take issue with some of these records and say they are “pop” and others are going to say that one or two might be “fusion.” The more I collect records and the more I make these tapes, the more I realize how different people have different definitions of musical categories.

That being said, I think many people would throw the records I’m playing on this mix into the “rock” category, in some fashion or another. Mostly there’s a lot of raw guitars, white guys singing in creepy / screaming voices, weird sounds, eerie keyboards and some fat, heavy drums and basslines. I tried to throw together a lot of styles – everything from some uptempo solo Stephen Stills to more obscure, like Argent and Atomic Rooster. And definitely, as always, kept a hip-hop element to the whole thing – a few classic samples and fat breaks.

What I dig about a lot of these records is the no-holds-barred sense that many of the bands had. They didn’t abide by the verse-chorus-verse-bridge kind of structure – they just went for it. Some songs are less than a minute, others stretch for 10. A hard rhythm gets replaced by a folky guitar. It can be jarring, but it can also be beautiful.

Basically a bunch of eclectic, good music. Hope you dig it.

Some of the bands appearing on this tape: Wallace Collection, Argent, Shawn Phillips, Fever Tree, Ashton, Gardner and Dyke, Atomic Rooster, Steve Miller, Stephen Stills, Blues Project, Gun, Led Zeppelin, Gas Mask and more.

— DJ Ian Head

Mixtape Archive:

listen here