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Unique74 Events | LA: WINE KANDY | 3.2 | This Saturday!!

Alright folks..the day is getting super close..the anticipation is high!! Feels good to jam with the Extra Mild Sauce family once again!! Understand, when I do play out..its with only the best of setting and vibe! This Saturday, we encourage you to join us in exploration of dance, sound & vibe as celebrating the birthday of my homeslice Derrick Wize and the zodiac of the mighty mighty PISCES!! I will be jamming with my STONE GROOVE RADIO partner in crime TAILWIND TURNER!! We are also taping segments of my upcoming music video “Summer Touch” and parts of my mini docu. I will also have “Ski Tees” on deck, just hit me up and I make sure you are laced up with the fresh gear. Join us as we spill the wine THIS SATURDAY!! >



Please Join EXTRA MILD SAUCE & Unique74 as we celebrate Music, Life and Atmosphere on the down beat in the tone of SOUL!! We will also be celebrating the one and only CHEVEZ FRAZIER’s B’day!! This is the finale of an ultimate experience in sound & soul on a Thursday Nite UNLIKE any other in LA…UNDISPUTED… a truly unique experience that has brought out many beautiful faces and dancing feet. Come join us for the grand finale of GOLDEN STEREO..THIS THURSDAY!!

It has been an honor to collaborate with the mighty EXTRA MILD SAUCE who has brough CLASS, STYLE and FLAVOR to everything they do and has brought the highlights of the windy city to the city of angels!! Unique74 and EXTRA MILD SAUCE together WILL promise you a night you will NOT forget!!!

Join us as we turn back your radio dial in TWO ROOMS with Hip-Hop, House, R&B, and Afro-Beat classics featuring…

Derrick Wize
Drack Muse

Attention family: We will also be celebrating the birthday of EXTRA MILD SAUCE’s own Chevez Frazier!

Thursday July 15th
9PM – 2AM
Little Temple
4519 Santa Monica Blvd 90029
$5 admission / $5 valet
$1 b4 10:30 for July Birthdays


Last week was another beaufiul one at STEREOLOVE w/ THA BOOGIE who gave another beyond amazing performance with a red hot new band!! We also helped celebrate the b’day of the LEGENDARY RAPHAEL SAADIQ!! A lot of beautiful vibes and good times!!

This week we let the good times roll with another evening of Soulful House, Disco, Hip Hop ,Afro Latin and other beautiful beats and party anthems!!!

Golden Stereo | Unique74 | Extra Mild Sauce


Delivering a 4-Hour Set is EXTRA MILD SAUCE resident
Derrick Wize
with STEREOLOVE Residents:
A-Ski | Mikecheck

A real fan of deep house music, Derrick Wize is known for combining rare dance classics with choice modern organic soul, making it very difficult to stay off the dance floor. With his roots based on the evolution of dance music, a set from Mr. Wize could encompass a range of soulful elements including Jazz, Break Beat, Disco, Deep Tracks, Funk, and more. However the common denominator in each is always the same… stylistic uplifting dance floor heaters. “The basis of Deep House wasn’t just the familiar classics we all love but it was about the DJ providing a journey and experience of celebration for the audience through their choice of neck-snapping soul music – be it familiar songs or not. It’s always a pleasure and an honor to share my interpretation.”

A Taste of Chicago
Thursday May 20th
Little Temple [Silverlake]
4519 Santa Monica Blvd Los Angeles, CA 90029 [Google Maps]
$5 before 11p – $5 Valet

10.22 | Golden Stereo | presents: Dj Juda | Little Temple | Thursday


EXTRA MILD SAUCE in association with Unique74 presents: “GOLDEN STEREO” & “JUDA BLACK BUDDA”

5 DJs
2 Rooms

The best in soul classics, deep disco, funk, rare grooves, classic hip-hop and Chicago house.

Featuring guests: DJ Derrick Wize & Drack Muse* SPECIAL GUEST DJ JUDA *
With residents: A-Ski / Lotuspetal / The PlushOne

Hosted by: De’Leon & Chevez

Thursday, October 22
Little Temple
4519 Santa Monica Blvd
$1 before 11p

$5 valet parking

6.25 | Unique74 & Extra Mild Sauce presents..THE GOLDEN STEREO: Strictly Classics (a special edition of STEREOLOVE) | Little Temple | Thursday

you know what it is…early arrival is HIGHLY suggested yall...The Golden Stereo.002


A Taste of Chicago- Pt 2 | Thursday Nite | LA

Thursday Nite LA…My peoples is at it again..Pt2..These are some truly solid cats throwing a really great party..please support! No frills..I promise u!

Dj A-Ski


Save The Date| 2.20.09 | Chicago Night @ Play (Hollywood)

Save The Date 02.20.09: My Chi Town fam will be bringing it live and direct! I’ve had the great pleasure playing with Drack/Wize and you are in for a treat! Play some “Free Man” for me fellas!chicago-night-at-play-3-1001