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Happy 44th Birthday HIP HOP!!!

It is refreshing to hear the voice of authority and the iconic elder statesmen FAB 5 FREDDY grace the largest platform beyond television and radio. Ultimately, sharing the celebration of iconic figures in the genres of Funk, Rock, Soul and Afro Beat which helped produce the sound of Hip Hop culture!! Infinite Gratitude & Thank You KOOL HERC plus all of the day ones and ancestors that are the legs and shoulders of this rich artform. Thank You to the creative team at #Google for putting together a well researched and planned out presentation. . #googledoodle #fabfivefreddy #hiphop #funk #soul #rock #afrobeat #disco #jazz #breakbeats #street #dance #art #graffiti #ghetto #style #culture #influence #dj #bboy #djlife #bgirl #emcee #appreciation #love #unique74

Grammy Weekend Starts TONIGHT!!! @BRONSON BAR!!


11/8 #Hollwood #BronsonBar | SOUL CLAP | A-SKI

Lookout Weekend!! All things Soulful..Heads up..All Vinyl..All Night!! Birthdays/Booth RSVP: ‪#‎SoulClapSaturday‬ ‪#‎NorthernSoul‬ ‪#‎Funk‬ ‪#‎Boogie‬ ‪#‎Disco‬ ‪#‎HipHop‬ ‪#‎Soul‬ ‪#‎Rock‬ ‪#‎BronsonBar‬ ‪#‎Hollywood‬ ‪#‎Unique74‬

(Flyer Design: A-SKI)SOUL CLAP

Unique74 Recap* 3.10 Saturday Nite SPECIAL. Crocker Club | DTLA

I learned and know one thing this past nite..nothing is more powerful than TRUTH & UNCONDITIONAL LOVE..I want to thank everybody that came and shared the vibe with us last saturday nite at SATURDAY NITE SPECIAL at CROCKER CLUB!! A lotta good spirits blessed us and shared the vibe of good music, good people and unified groove..beyond humbled and grateful..stay tuned for the next  SPECIAL session! One Love!!

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Livin` for the Funk: BOOTSY COLLINS

@5:44 -6:00  #epic #breakdown

Right before that he says “right here” and goes into the clap thing..but he is directing the band AND the attention. the clavinet wins again!!

The only thing missing is JAMES BROWN himself.



Please Join EXTRA MILD SAUCE & Unique74 as we celebrate Music, Life and Atmosphere on the down beat in the tone of SOUL!! We will also be celebrating the one and only CHEVEZ FRAZIER’s B’day!! This is the finale of an ultimate experience in sound & soul on a Thursday Nite UNLIKE any other in LA…UNDISPUTED… a truly unique experience that has brought out many beautiful faces and dancing feet. Come join us for the grand finale of GOLDEN STEREO..THIS THURSDAY!!

It has been an honor to collaborate with the mighty EXTRA MILD SAUCE who has brough CLASS, STYLE and FLAVOR to everything they do and has brought the highlights of the windy city to the city of angels!! Unique74 and EXTRA MILD SAUCE together WILL promise you a night you will NOT forget!!!

Join us as we turn back your radio dial in TWO ROOMS with Hip-Hop, House, R&B, and Afro-Beat classics featuring…

Derrick Wize
Drack Muse

Attention family: We will also be celebrating the birthday of EXTRA MILD SAUCE’s own Chevez Frazier!

Thursday July 15th
9PM – 2AM
Little Temple
4519 Santa Monica Blvd 90029
$5 admission / $5 valet
$1 b4 10:30 for July Birthdays

all about MAURICE WHITE | Unique74 | Props

Lately, i’ve been putting together final tracks for upcoming releases this summer. During that process, i’ve been wanting to incorporate elements outside of my “normal” recording process. I’ve been pondering the idea of playing rhythm guitar, I also have been overdubbing a lot of my own live drums just to explore new rhythms. During this past month I have been listening to a lot of early Chicago Funk-Soul (mainly Chess-Brunswick and other off beat labels). When I think of Chicago Soul, I cant help but think about my hero the great Maurice White. Besides being leader of the iconic funk-jazz-soul unit Earth Wind and Fire, he was a also a drummer on many of the sessions at Chess records (along with Morris Jennings). Countless sessions such as “Rescue Me”, “Sitting In The Park, “Grits Aint Grocery” (been wearing out Little Milton’s collection this week!) bear the back beat of Maurice White.

I just so happen to have a kalimba at the lab and I couldn’t help thinking about the story from my uncle (who is very close to Mr White) explaining to me how Mr White and the kalimba came about. According to his recollection, it was at a music store located in Chicago called “Frank’s” where Mr. White’s first encounter with the kalimba took place during the mid 60’s and he has been playing it ever since.

I remember seeing Mr White a couple of times during my early college days (he was always at my bank, amazing!!) and I always felt nervous in going up to shake his hand. But I waved at him, he waved back and my day was made just on that alone. There are very few like Mr. White that went through the various stages of growth and mastered the art of production and recording. There is a leadership quality (reflecting the work ethic of a Mr. White) that is lacking in today’s so-called “modern era” where there are very few artists who take risk and plentiful are willing to follow the depreciated sound pallet only to become flavor of the month. I write this in showing recognition and appreciation to one of my musical heroes who went against the grain and is a constant inspiration. Thank You Mr. White!

livin’ 4 the funk: Jimmy Castor | Space Age

“dont be a’ll lose your soul”. peep the keyboard..”settings and LFO” all day!!

Boogie, Dance and other life forms..

the ORIGINAL 45 Master..the man himself..inspiration..

he’s clowning.. basically..take notes..