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Theo Parrish..LA..7.8

The big homie and Master Teacher Theo Parrish stompin’ em’ into the wee hours on a Saturday morning..I only step out of my house for the TRUTH..not a laptop in sight. He always comes with a top shelf set while stepping outside of the box and eliminating it altogether.


Theo Parrish (Slices DVD Feature)


“Im not comfortable with convenience replacing artistry…”
Theo Parrish Feature. Taken from Slices Issue 1-12.
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Theo Parrish Live @ Sunday’s Best (NYC)

Theo is str8 gettin’ it!! you see that right there?!! THIS is what im talkin’ about..THIS is how WE do it! NO Robots, NO Attitudes, NO Inhibitions, NO Pretention, NO Neo Soul (what a joke..another conversation), NO Make up, NO Insecurities! FREE the F–k UP!!

0:37 (I see that James Brown, YES!)

Dude talking at 2:09 ruins the moment by the saying the “No No” of all know he got off the cheese bus big time, right?

PS: it gets deeper..WHY do they have umbrellas out dancing in THE RAIN?…I LOVE IT!