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SF | Independence Day Weekend

Hey folks! Friendly reminder! I’ll be in SF next week from 7/4 – 7/7 for some R&R..However, im up for guest DJ sets and meetings built around potential business/creative collaborations with my brand Unique74 Creative Group LLC. Looking forward to meeting new faces as well as familiar ones..see ya soon!! #business #creative #djlife #unique74

Team Tuesday 5.21

I’ve been eating more greens and drinking alkaline water. Narrowing meals to one a day during the week..two on the weekend. Chest and arm day today.

Theo Parrish..LA..7.8

The big homie and Master Teacher Theo Parrish stompin’ em’ into the wee hours on a Saturday morning..I only step out of my house for the TRUTH..not a laptop in sight. He always comes with a top shelf set while stepping outside of the box and eliminating it altogether.


My first and only true love…Music

Long before I touched a sampler or a turntable..I touched keys as a kid. A bit rusty but the soul is within. Never learned to read..

but im always.. hearing something in my head..

Rest day ..for a minute at least

Gotta jacked up cold bug and a light fever…so what..had to stop by briefly and hit that day today..#fitness #vegan #djlife #unique74

Note: recap from yesterday morning on 1st clip

Morning check in..11/21

Up early workin’ off that red wine..vegan po boy and vegan Philly cheese steak from last night..slept real good. #fitness #vegan #djlife #unique74

Morning Check In..11.16

Early morning check in. Team Friday hittin’ that 80 on the curls. This time of year is when I play (DJ) for a lot of holiday events at which there is plenty of wine and food. Being vegan serves as a plus being that anything on the menu is obviously out of my choice range. However, I have to be careful of the wine intake. I’ve been slacking a bit in that area (shout out to red wine in creative meetings) due to a rough schedule and meeting deadlines. Anything that I eat or drink, goes straight to my stomach. I will go further in doing more intense cardio and leg day to balance my lifting. I don’t worry too much about it, I will gain weight and lose it back in a day or two easily. Plus, I need that extra weight and good carbs to serve as fuel.

#vegan #vitality #fitness #djlife #unique74

Morning Grind 11.14

Up early sportin’ carnation smellin’ like brand new I thought you knew..keepin’ it moooooooviiiiiing…#fitness #vegan #djlife #grooming #unique74

Morning Rise 11/7

Ten toes stay 👇Team Wednesday #morningmotivation #fitness #djlife #creativeconsultant #beatmaker #producer #djaski #unique74

Morning Recap..10.24

Brief recap of my early morning warm up. Been leaning more on salads and fruit. 7-8 hrs sleep (gotta sneak that

#fitness #vegan #djlife #djaski #vitality #unique74