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Team Monday. 10.16

A day without learning is another day robbed. Keep it productive. Team Monday. #unique74


“You have no friends” -Dr John Henrik Clarke #mood #honestyhour 


Levels. Morals, strength, code, character and principals aren’t found in the VIP section. Sorry to break it to you. Know the difference. Highly paid and highly respected are two different conversations. Let that sink in.



It’s not going to be easy. But it will be yours. Longterm. Levels.


Upgrade101 #tbt

Even in my darkest days..nobody will ever go harder than me. Known fact. That picture on the left was a man who was overworked, undervalued and underappreciated while  detoxing a lot of negative people out of my life. At the time, I was working for 3 Fortune 500 companies in the midst of building up my own brand #Unique74. When this picture was taken, I most likely had 3 hours rest while drinking and partaking in low vibrational food to supposedly restore my lost energy during the daily grind. Later that year, I resigned from the companies I was working with and decided to invest strictly into my brand and music. As a result, I changed up my diet and detoxed from low vibrational food and people. I’m notorious for detaching and dropping out (Aquarius). As a result..with prayer, hard work, family support, encouragement from good people and discipline is the man you see in the picture on the right today. Take charge of your power..invest in yourself. Never settle for crumbs..ever. That man on the left no longer exists. #tbt #vegan #djlife #CreativeConsultant #production #MusicSupervisor #Voiceover #MusicJournalist #Musician #business101 #uwasntthere #fitness #beastmode  #Unique74



Facts. Done a lot of great s–t by myself and will continue to do so unhindered. Top shelf or no shelf. Loyal to myself. Im usually first to say I don’t need you..was already poppin’. #knowyourworth #nosettling #aquarius #Unique74


Quality of living..

If you practice Number One consistently..they gotta give it up and come at you correctly or keep their distance. Number Three is not the easiest but necessary. However, they will eventually taste their own medicine. Keep it settling..stay sucka free. Top of the morning. #longterm #choices  #knowyourworth #nosettling #Unique74


Needed to be heard..

In case somebody didn’t pass a kind word of encouragement to you. You are all you got. Stay movin’. 👍 (shout out of acknowledgement to #thelovelybones124 we see you..much respect)


No trophy.

No trophies for quiters..stay centered. Long-term. Your stories are fuel.


Challenge of change..

Mood. Alright fellas..the New Year is approaching us. Let’s start by avoiding the thirst traps and false alarms. Invest 101% in yourselves. Detour from low energy people and activities while constantly raising the bar.  Challenge yourself before you enter the challenge of change. If you are in a good space, incorporate people who will enhance that space and add value. No settling. Get focused and moving!! #motivation #unique74