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Walk a mile in my shoes..#tbt moment

These kicks hold a special meaning. A lot of business meetings, grind , pain and pivotal moments happend in those pair of #adidas . Something in me clicked in my head whenever I wore them..autopilot. I had them since 09 and didnt get rid of em’ until 2014 when the soles had holes. I needed those sneakers to keep me in a certain frame of mind to keep me on point. The nice shiny get delusional, fat, lazy and fall off. These kicks were also part of my transformation as a #vegan too. They don’t go harder than me..I promise you. #tbt #unique74

Throwback Thursday: Fitness

Invest in yourself. Looking forward to 2016. #fitness #beastmode #djlife #production #vegan #longterm #unique74 #tbt