Events Into The Weekend!!

These are events that UNIQUE74 HIGHLY RECOMMENDS and MUSIC to add to your soundtrack!!! UNIQUE74 says GO!!!> SOULNIC | THIS is the dopest park jam in LA..hands down…I am booked at a private event that very day (but there in spirit!) in my mind I will be thinking about how you all will be jammingContinue reading “Events Into The Weekend!!”


3/10/11-Writer’s Row (Artwalk Event)| w/ Dj A-Ski @HARLEM PLACE CAFE For the first time at the downtown Art Walk Writers have a place to be showcased! Join us at Harlem Place Cafe. Enjoy listening to the Written Art. Featuring Writers of all genres. Stick around to meet the Writers. Occurs each 2nd Thursday of theContinue reading “Unique74 | SAVE THE DATE | LA >MARCH-APRIL”