Events Into The Weekend!!

These are events that UNIQUE74 HIGHLY RECOMMENDS and MUSIC to add to your soundtrack!!! UNIQUE74 says GO!!!> SOULNIC | THIS is the dopest park jam in LA..hands down…I am booked at a private event that very day (but there in spirit!) in my mind I will be thinking about how you all will be jammingContinue reading “Events Into The Weekend!!”

Unique74 Revisited | SOULNIC | visual recap > 6.26

I must give an honorable mention to the folks over at WHOOP ASH (one of the sponsors for SOULNIC)!! I am no longer known as “Ashy Larry from around the way”, Whoop Ash saved the day!!! I had to make my purchase and so should you!! It is very soothing with a quite pleasant fragrant..checkContinue reading “Unique74 Revisited | SOULNIC | visual recap > 6.26”

Unique74 Summertime Kick Off This Week!!!

THURSDAY NITE!! 6.24.2010 @ STEREOLOVE | LITTLE TEMPLE live performances by groundbreaking hip hop artists: JOHNNY POLYGON AFRO CLASSICS ALEXANDER SPIT special guest dj VAL THE VANDLE stereolove resident djs A-SKI + MIKECHECK LITTLE TEMPLE 4519 Santa Monica Blvd doors 9pm $8 presale $10 doors for $5 guest listContinue reading “Unique74 Summertime Kick Off This Week!!!”