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Happy 44th Birthday HIP HOP!!!

It is refreshing to hear the voice of authority and the iconic elder statesmen FAB 5 FREDDY grace the largest platform beyond television and radio. Ultimately, sharing the celebration of iconic figures in the genres of Funk, Rock, Soul and Afro Beat which helped produce the sound of Hip Hop culture!! Infinite Gratitude & Thank You KOOL HERC plus all of the day ones and ancestors that are the legs and shoulders of this rich artform. Thank You to the creative team at #Google for putting together a well researched and planned out presentation. . #googledoodle #fabfivefreddy #hiphop #funk #soul #rock #afrobeat #disco #jazz #breakbeats #street #dance #art #graffiti #ghetto #style #culture #influence #dj #bboy #djlife #bgirl #emcee #appreciation #love #unique74

Unique74 Remembers… Mr DON CORNELIUS…

I dont even know what to say or how to react..He was the reason why BLACK MUSIC and CULTURE yielded a diverse roster in style, sound, perspective and creative direction. No other television show celebrated Black (dont be afraid to say it with me African Americans..BLACK) expression on a diverse level the way SOUL TRAIN presented. Thus creating a lingering appeal that has lasted 40 yrs plus which helped set the tone for just about every Music outlet on an international scale..As a kid (I understood very clearly) and was proud to see people that looked like me and my family on television be represented with pride, dignity & style..”They” fought him tooth and nail in bringing such a vision that would not only give Black artists a fair shake in exposure in which the world would be privy to an AUTHENTIC experience in sound & style that is presented & celebrated by those very people..This Chi-town native carried the blueprint of his days at WVON which eventually became a audio visual outlet that not only changed the game but it changed minds..I would not dare to dream, create, raise the stakes if it were not for a visionary named DON CORNELIUS..(I was so very lucky to speak, meet and shake the man’s hand 3yrs ago..)..He was an institution..Rest In Paradise..

Hubert Laws – Mean Lene

Cloud nine right now…I flipped the first four bars of this in high school when making one of my first series of beat tapes…this is taking me back..just came from record digging and got reunited with this record. (Big shout to Michelle, Jaman and the entire Laws family!!) 

Hubert Laws – Flute, Main Performer, Arranger
Ronnie Laws – Sax (Tenor)
Gene Bertoncini – Guitar
Ron Carter – Bass
Steve Gadd – Drums
David Friedman – Percussion, Vibraphone
Airto Moreira – Percussion
Bob James – Piano
Clare Fischer – Piano, Arranger
Rodgers Grant – Piano
Hilary James – Piano, Arranger
Richard Tee – Organ, Strings
Emanuel Vardi – Viola
Amanuel Vardi – Viola
David Nadien – Violin
George Ricci – Cello