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Private DJ Lessons • Music Production/Beats/Remixing/Engineer/Music Supervision • Commercials (Vimeo/YouTube 1min or less Ad $99 SPECIAL for Indie Artist/Musicians/Producers/Promoters/Dj’s/Models/ Check out my commercial work on our YouTube page: Unique74 Muzik) Negotiable/Reasonable Rates • Small~High scale clients & projects are welcome. Appointments/Contact: Unique74events@gmail.com Best Wishes, A-Ski 

Unique74* In The Lab w/ D-FELIC (Netherlands)

We had a chance to catch up with Holland’s beat making music sensation D-FELIC who blessed LA this week with a blazing DJ set at our two events CHOICE Tuesdays & HIGH END STEREO!!! He talks MILES DAVIS, PRINCE and analog vs digital..check it!! 1. What are your favorite instruments?  I started out playing piano.Continue reading “Unique74* In The Lab w/ D-FELIC (Netherlands)”