Ski Plays It Cool | April | Top 10

1. The Heavy Supremes “Nuttin But Reflections” |  FREE download | Ahmed Sirour RMX 2.Hey Nas | NAS (Aslow One RMX) 3.California | Leon Ware  4.Menino | Patricia Marx & 4 Hero 5.Healing Vibrations  | Gaby Hernandez 6.Midnight Rendezvous | Carla Prather 7.Act Your Waist Size | Count BassD 8.Mainline | Black Ivory  9.2012 | SonnymoonContinue reading “Ski Plays It Cool | April | Top 10”

Unique74 | SKI PLAYS IT COOL | NOVEMBER | 2011

SKI PLAYS IT COOL | NOVEMBER | 2011 Sweet Starry Night | GABY HERNANDEZ & THE LIFE FORCE TRIO You Make Me Wanna | ASLOW ONE ft SAYURI ELSIE Evertything In Time (REMIXED) | DJ CENTER Wonderful Intergalactic Ancestors | ERIK RICO The T.iM.E Is Now | T.iM.E So Lovely | DIAMOND D LightContinue reading “Unique74 | SKI PLAYS IT COOL | NOVEMBER | 2011”

Hank vs. Herbie

I had a chance to visit the Blake Edwards Art Exhibit a few months back and was left in amazement by various pieces created by the legendary writer/director. There was one piece in particular that stood out and left me asking the question: Does Blake Edwards listen to Herbie Hancock?