Bryon Lee and my homie from Trinidad.. I do my 4 mile run regiment, I came across 5 yard sales. I ran into one special house..the cat with the Yankees hat and the gold chain was the main cat. I asked him if he had any records. He says “well, what are you looking for?” “Everything “. “Do you have anyContinue reading “Bryon Lee and my homie from Trinidad..”

Ski Plays It Cool | April | Top 10

1. The Heavy Supremes “Nuttin But Reflections” |  FREE download | Ahmed Sirour RMX 2.Hey Nas | NAS (Aslow One RMX) 3.California | Leon Ware  4.Menino | Patricia Marx & 4 Hero 5.Healing Vibrations  | Gaby Hernandez 6.Midnight Rendezvous | Carla Prather 7.Act Your Waist Size | Count BassD 8.Mainline | Black Ivory  9.2012 | SonnymoonContinue reading “Ski Plays It Cool | April | Top 10”

Unique74 | SKI PLAYS IT COOL | NOVEMBER | 2011

SKI PLAYS IT COOL | NOVEMBER | 2011 Sweet Starry Night | GABY HERNANDEZ & THE LIFE FORCE TRIO You Make Me Wanna | ASLOW ONE ft SAYURI ELSIE Evertything In Time (REMIXED) | DJ CENTER Wonderful Intergalactic Ancestors | ERIK RICO The T.iM.E Is Now | T.iM.E So Lovely | DIAMOND D LightContinue reading “Unique74 | SKI PLAYS IT COOL | NOVEMBER | 2011”

Hank vs. Herbie

I had a chance to visit the Blake Edwards Art Exhibit a few months back and was left in amazement by various pieces created by the legendary writer/director. There was one piece in particular that stood out and left me asking the question: Does Blake Edwards listen to Herbie Hancock?