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Unique74 says to check out THUNDER SOUL!!!!

For anyone who is an aspiring musician of any kind, I highly recommend that you go and check out “THUNDER SOUL” while its in theatres. I am not the kind of cat that goes around breaking out tears in public..but your man had to hold some in after watching this movie…I am going to expound more on another blog that will review this movie (im on limited time due to gearing up for EDL Mondays in DTLA). But I have to give an honorable mention to Mr Conrad “Prof” Johnson (this was a HEAVY, HEAVY…HEAVY MAN..who was way ahead of his time). If anything. “Prof” was a reminder of the great men that I was LUCKY to grow up around that took the role of leadership to the next level. The story of “Prof” and the kids from Kashmere High School in Houston, Texas needs to be heard, it is a testament. I will cover more in the review, but whatever you do..I urge you to run out and take your family, friends and loved ones to to see this movie (It is a TRAVESTY that this movie was not branded or marketed properly..Yet, we are constantly bombarded with bs and tomfoolery. However, I SALUTE JAMIE FOXX for being instrumental in getting this story out to the masses..).

Shout out to Director MARK LANDSMAN (it was great rapping with you man!! The Marvin Gaye story is priceless!!!)

Unique74: Summertime in NYC w/ A-Ski | mini doc pt1

This was filmed in NYC this past summer during a promotional tour for my release CHANGE THE MOOD (which will be available digitally in January). The reason why I have a towel because it was extremely hot the entire time that I was there..Enjoy!