Unique74 says to check out THUNDER SOUL!!!!

For anyone who is an aspiring musician of any kind, I highly recommend that you go and check out “THUNDER SOUL” while its in theatres. I am not the kind of cat that goes around breaking out tears in public..but your man had to hold some in after watching this movie…I am going to expoundContinue reading “Unique74 says to check out THUNDER SOUL!!!!”


I keep hearing all this hoopla about the discontinuation of Technic 1200’s in early 2010. Its plain ass backwards if they stop selling them, due to the fact that there is a new bedroom DJ born by the second. In addition, there is a major increase in new vinyl pressings and releases due to theContinue reading “THE MISEDUCATION OF TECHNIC 1200’s”

All In The Family: CAKTUZ TREE

This is my dude right here..you are gonna need seat belts for this one. For those “in the know”, this cat has been going hard for a minute. For those that are just getting your Unique 74 education, it is a MUST that you observe, listen and learn about the one they call CAKTUZ TREE.Continue reading “All In The Family: CAKTUZ TREE”