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Currently Reading: BOBBY WOMACK My Story

The heavier the crown the bigger the weight..Any man who can turn down $175,000 knows his true value is bigger than settling for less. Integrity. Hit upside the head with nothing but jewels & wisdom. womack

Unique74 says to check out THUNDER SOUL!!!!

For anyone who is an aspiring musician of any kind, I highly recommend that you go and check out “THUNDER SOUL” while its in theatres. I am not the kind of cat that goes around breaking out tears in public..but your man had to hold some in after watching this movie…I am going to expound more on another blog that will review this movie (im on limited time due to gearing up for EDL Mondays in DTLA). But I have to give an honorable mention to Mr Conrad “Prof” Johnson (this was a HEAVY, HEAVY…HEAVY MAN..who was way ahead of his time). If anything. “Prof” was a reminder of the great men that I was LUCKY to grow up around that took the role of leadership to the next level. The story of “Prof” and the kids from Kashmere High School in Houston, Texas needs to be heard, it is a testament. I will cover more in the review, but whatever you do..I urge you to run out and take your family, friends and loved ones to to see this movie (It is a TRAVESTY that this movie was not branded or marketed properly..Yet, we are constantly bombarded with bs and tomfoolery. However, I SALUTE JAMIE FOXX for being instrumental in getting this story out to the masses..).

Shout out to Director MARK LANDSMAN (it was great rapping with you man!! The Marvin Gaye story is priceless!!!)

Unique74 salutes SLY STONE | HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!


Guess who produced this number?
(proud owner of the 7inch on this jam..)

This next record has haunted me for years. The lead singer is still a mystery to this day..but it is clear as bell that the FAMILY STONE is holding down the rhthym section. Guess who produced this one? (whoever has the 7 inch to this.. you are BEYOND official, not easy to find. I am a proud owner of this and the MIGHTY JOE HICKS version on 7inch).

Guess who was the FIRST to use the talkbox? Which later influenced STEVIE, GUITAR WATSON, FRAMPTON, McCARTNEY, ERNIE ISLEY, TROUTMAN, etc. This was the theme music for the late great FRANKIE CROCKER “The Chief Rocker” (MY HERO!!) in his earlier years whenever he would “rap” on the radio. Stomp down Blues Funk at its finest!!

Fans: the song is entitled “Sex Machine”…no not the James Brown can be found on their 1969 release “Stand”


“I Dont Know What The World Is Coming To” (1975) | Bobby Womack Sly provides background vocals. Put headphones on for it to really become clear, can be heard at the end near fade out.

“You Caught Me (Smiling)” (1971) | 7inch version | Sly and The Family Stone
Okay, for my “diggers” out know where im going with this one..This is an alternate mix compared to the standard lp mix. The difference is that during the first bridge before the chorus, Sly lets out a huge JB-ish growl that can be only found on the 7 inch version.

Motown | The Golden Years {Dahl | McDougal III }
The Great Weldon McDougall III,
Musician, Producer, Former Label Exec for Motown/Philadelphia International states in his book that Sly and The Family Stone’s “STAND” lp was used as reference at Motown quality control meetings in search of direction for The Jackson 5 debut Lp “ABC” .

Funk Gets Stronger | Funkadelic | (1979)
Sly on the background vocals/talk box with Roger Troutman on Rhythm Guitar. A really feel good cut!!

Guess who is the proud owner of a skit with Sly + a live perfomance of “Family Affair” on The Tony Orlando Show (1977)?! Super Rare..Not even YOU TUBE can claim that one..

Unique74 meets the Unique original himself..

I finally shook hands and met THE MAN himself today…it was still sky high from the whole experience…