the last supper..

So like..I happen to catch a glimpse in the mirror last nite and I kinda noticed some ripples in the upper area and I had to do a double take just see if the mirror wasn’t smeared (lol) and then I finally said to myself..lets go all the way with it..

Being that Mercury Retrograde is close to being over , I decided to go all out and become vegetarian (at least try). Yes, it is official after many years of curiosity and contemplation I have decided to treat my body right 101% not 60/40. I have always maintained a healthy diet since I was a kid (mostly chicken and fish, beef on occasion). Plus, my Mother raised us to always “read the box” so I never had any desire to eat greasy foods or anything that would just clog my arteries. My biggest guilty pleasure are them damn sweets!! lol . Yes, apple pies, cakes, donuts, oatmeal cookies, ice cream, etc. But during my musical and creative sojourn (yes, my office hours are no longer from 9-5..its 25/8) I am finding it more imperative to stay in shape. The mind and body are in unison and BOTH must function properly. Any piece of equipment, property or financial gain means nothing if your health isn’t in tact..Health IS Wealth. Your body and mind are the biggest assets and keeping them clean are paramount to living (not surviving..LIVING). Its so important that we keep negative ions out of our reach to stay on higher ground and strive to reach beyond our own grasp. They are many vices out there to throw us off track especially when many of us are on fixed budgets and are maintaining from check to check, having to endure the day to day grind without really taking the time to check our bodies and our minds. After many years this becomes a pattern that is hard to break and it is a vicious cycle that a lot of us fall into whether its smoking, fast food, beer, eating late, etc

I was building yesterday with my dear friend, art director, brother and spiritual advisor Da’shon is.. and I declared my stance in changing my diet. During our conversation I was at the “BK Lounge” (I can cook my ass off and my better half takes care of me very well..but she was outta town on a lecture project.. I was stuck in my creative zone so what do I do? “Do fries go with that shake”? ). Prior to getting in this mode I was watching “The Greatest” (the movie with Ali portraying himself! Classic! The “Dress is Too Short” scene is priceless! I LOVE YOU MUHAMMAD ALI!) . There was a scene where he speaks of his forbidding sweets, fast food, etc so he could get in shape to give Liston a major whooping and winning the title. But legend has it he use to chop trees and had these crazy regiments to stay in shape and I’ve always respected top athletes such as Mr Ali, Jim Brown (fellow Aquarian), Micheal Jordan (fellow Aquarian), Kareem,etc who always are always in great shape but they were TOPS at their profession as the result of discipline and regiment. Thus, after my quick glance in the mirror I challenged and asked myself what If I take this to another level and really put myself on a regiment. Therefore, I declare this is the last meal at the BK Lounge or any other fast food establishment! No more late nites at Krispy Kreme, Fred 66 or Sweet Lady Jane’s 4 that sweet tooth!, when I go back to NYC I cant go to “Not Ray’s” (boooo! hissss! so unfair!).

Yall are witnessing the last meal..peep the pics..these days are officially over..
BK Bag

BK 2

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3 thoughts on “the last supper..

  1. i can’t go fully veg (although i’m mostly there) but i AM glad to see my man kicking the fast food to the curb… if you want your body to treat you well, you have to treat it well. any yoga in your future? 😉

  2. Sir Bird! Yeah man I had to do it, a lot of personal growth changes for me as a result the diet came into play as well. I have been eyeing yoga for awhile..

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