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Rest Day..9.21

Suppose to be my rest day..had to sneak and get one off. Yes..its an addiction im proud of. Purpose first..cake last! #vegan #blogger #fitness #djlife #unique74

Post Vacation Workout 8.28

Out the loop drinkin’ and stuffin my face while in SF!! Had to ⏰ in to make up for it!! Its easy to fall off..havent lifted in 4 days 😂 Ladies love the chest..that part too 🙂 #vegan #fitness #djlife #unique74

Post Workout: Beets combo

Post workout: Cacao Powder, Apple Juice, Raw Beets and Ginger. Trying to stay gold out here.

Raw Vegan..1st step

Gearing up for my #rawvegan sojourn. Hooked up a beet smoothie with cranberry, ginger, mint and argula. #fitness  #vegan #healthiswealth #longterm #unique74

Post Workout 9.29

Once you get it together..keep it together. Portobello is great meat alternative. Been combining raw vegetables with curry and other sauces with grilled onions. don’t have to be messin’ with that Henny and “blue pills”..upgrade to higher energy frequency ,good eating habits, clean living and high standards. #fitness #vegan #discipline #vitality #reversetheclock #longterm


Yeah I know..

Yeah I know I look good lil need for the resume. Day 4. #fitness #longterm #value #discipline #vegan #DJLife #Unique74


Feb8th* Update Your Status Awareness Day | NoHo Arts District


Feb 8th* I will be spinning for a very worthy cause!! I hope you’ll join us for a day great of fun, music and festivities for the entire family!! RSVP*

on that dinner flow.

SKI MEALSalmon Steak smothered in Red Onions, Garlic, Red Potatoes and Asparagus. With a splash of Garlic-Orange Marinade , Rohan Josh Curry. Handle mine on that Jack Tripper. Give Thanks.

Vegan Dinner Flow


Kale, Red Potatoes, Peppers, Garlic, Onions, Veggie Beef, Makhani Sauce. Always nice on the blends. #DinnerFlow

script flip.

Back to the blends..(get it? hahahaaaa! *slaps knee)..Kale, Strawberry, Ginger Root, Garlic and a splash of OJ. No soda for 3yrs. Lets GO!