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Over the weekend..

As the holiday seasons approach, I’m working 10x harder in my weekly routine. I cut the white potatoes and white rice for a few months in addition to no creatine or protein powder for a year. Drinking lots of alkaline water and sneaking in 8hrs of sleep to replenish. Cheers. 

Post Workout 9.29

Once you get it together..keep it together. Portobello is great meat alternative. Been combining raw vegetables with curry and other sauces with grilled onions. don’t have to be messin’ with that Henny and “blue pills”..upgrade to higher energy frequency ,good eating habits, clean living and high standards. #fitness #vegan #discipline #vitality #reversetheclock #longterm


Health is wealth..

Once upon a time I was eating like this while on the home cooked food or a plate with love. Savage livin’ and not making myself a priority. Them days are long gone..good riddance. I can do effin’ great by myself. #vegan #fitness #healthiswealth #longterm #unique74