Unique74 salutes SLY STONE | HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!

MAVERICK < MUSIC | FUNK SUPREME HAPPY BIRTHDAY SLY STONE!! Guess who produced this number? (proud owner of the 7inch on this jam..) This next record has haunted me for years. The lead singer is still a mystery to this day..but it is clear as bell that the FAMILY STONE is holding down the rhthymContinue reading “Unique74 salutes SLY STONE | HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!”

1.17 | A Benefit For MLK + HAITI | ZANZIBAR

In light of the devastation as a result of the recent earthquake in Haiti, this event will also be used to raise money for the relief efforts in Haiti. This is what Dr. King stood for. This is what we stand for. Please stand with us. Sunday January 17, 2010 at Zanzibar 1301 5th StContinue reading “1.17 | A Benefit For MLK + HAITI | ZANZIBAR”

Unique74 Salutes: ROOT DOWN + FIRECRACKER + rarities

As we embrace the future and its many wonders, its only right we celebrate the days gone by. Like Leroy “Preach” Jackson at the end of “Cooley High”, many of us are riding off into the sunset of our destinies and tasting the nectar of what lies ahead. I feel its only fitting to speakContinue reading “Unique74 Salutes: ROOT DOWN + FIRECRACKER + rarities”