Unique74 Salutes: ROOT DOWN + FIRECRACKER + rarities

As we embrace the future and its many wonders, its only right we celebrate the days gone by. Like Leroy “Preach” Jackson at the end of “Cooley High”, many of us are riding off into the sunset of our destinies and tasting the nectar of what lies ahead. I feel its only fitting to speakContinue reading “Unique74 Salutes: ROOT DOWN + FIRECRACKER + rarities”

Soul In The Park : Coleman & Om’mas Keith

SOUL IN THE PARK w/ OM’MAS KEITH of SA-RA and COLEMAN of MOCHILLA! Wednesday, August 26, 2009 9:30 PM – 2:00 AM PDT Expect the Unexpected. for those that know Sa-Ra,Om’mas intends to flip it. imagine NY in ’77. Coleman will do no less than keep it right in the pocket. We’ll see you –Continue reading “Soul In The Park : Coleman & Om’mas Keith”