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The universe does what it does…shout out out to my colleague, friend & brother RAS G (an amazing producer..check out his music!!) who informed me while he was in Switzerland (which I have never set foot in..not yet..) that he saw a record I released with my former business partner & lifetime friend Producer T.I.M. It was our project FOUR TRACK MINDS We released that project 7 years ago..goes to show you QUALITY has no expiration date..Hey Switzerland!!! I love you guys!! I will be out there this year!!! To any promoters or event producers and DJ’s..Please feel free to reach out!!! I would love to collaborate on any level!! I would love to meet you!!!

This pic was taken from a fan over there who bought the WAX…(wow…he didnt download it…he spent his hard earned money and paid for beyond humbled..THANK YOU to whoever that young man is!! Props!!)

We put our blood, sweat, tears and time on that project..with our own money and creative distribution..just pure support from real music fans and tastemakers who took a chance on us..


Thank You to my main man RAS G for keeping an international eye on the creations!! You never know people!! Cheers!!


Unique74 Feature > T.IM.E “THE TIME IS NOW” (ft DJ A-SKI special guest session)

Hey People!! Pick up the latest on iTUNES from Theimagination & Ebon E Reece Herndon new re lease T.IM.E “THE TIME IS NOW” (your truly has a special guest scratch solo on a track called “SKY WALKER”!! big shout and special thanks to Aslow ONE for the assist for mixing/recording the original session) The entire album is on repeat on my ipod!! Check it people!!

Unique74 | education: TheIMagination

Movements from CultureDigitaL on Vimeo.

thinking about Domu…


This pic was taken in 2005. T.I.M, yours truly, Valida and Domu. This was back when Valida and I had a sunday residency at The Standard (DTLA) during the summer. Talk about some good times!! Domu dropped by that day and he was the one of the most sincere and genuine cats i’ve ever met, a really great guy, very down to earth, no fake rock star business..the real deal! An amazing talent who stepped the game up and his void will be felt in a tremendous way..Massive Respect!!!

One of my favorite findings and pieces that I feature in my sets is DOMU ft Pete Simpson’s “Wont Give Up” 12′..PURE BLISS!!! (ALL versions!)

TO DOMU: Hold your head..You are a gift to the world..Dont give anyone YOUR POWER..What we do is G-D given…NO MAN, Industry,etc has dominion on what we do or our mission.. We are in the business of music..not the music business..

Indeed, it is a very different time and a different industry..
But we dont have to change up..just make changes. Quality is timeless..quanity is a quick fix. Thank you for sharing with us a body of work that reflected QUALITY.

Stay Strong and I pray that you find PEACE.

INFINITE LOVE and APPRECIATION to you bruv..This one is for you..

Unique74 Revisited: A-Ski @ Do Over Party | LA | 8/23/09