Unique74 Revisited | Summer | The Standard Hotel | 05

Totally forgot I had these photos..this was around 2005 during my summer residency at The Standard Hotel w/Dj Valida, major good times!! w/ Valida, Domu,TheImagination (this was when the FOUR TRACK MINDS project was launched. BTW, we are finishing up new music slated for release around July/August this summer!) , Derek Mckeith and my bassistContinue reading “Unique74 Revisited | Summer | The Standard Hotel | 05”

thinking about Domu…

This pic was taken in 2005. T.I.M, yours truly, Valida and Domu. This was back when Valida and I had a sunday residency at The Standard (DTLA) during the summer. Talk about some good times!! Domu dropped by that day and he was the one of the most sincere and genuine cats i’ve ever met,Continue reading “thinking about Domu…”