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Unique74 education> Arinmaya and Theimagination : Live @ 169 Bar, NYC | Maskenada

Arinmaya and Theimagination : Live @ 169 Bar, NYC | Maskenada from Theimagination on Vimeo.

Arinmaya: vocals
Theimagination: keyboards/ sounds/ DJ selections
Percussion: Rene Reyes
Drums: Oskar Haggdahl

*Video footage courtesy of 6 Chapter video
**Video re-edit by theimagination


Fresh Kicks: 90 Minute Cassette Tape | Theimagination

Unique74 Revisited | Summer | The Standard Hotel | 05

Totally forgot I had these photos..this was around 2005 during my summer residency at The Standard Hotel w/Dj Valida, major good times!! w/ Valida, Domu,TheImagination (this was when the FOUR TRACK MINDS project was launched. BTW, we are finishing up new music slated for release around July/August this summer!) , Derek Mckeith and my bassist Craig Clairborne + DJ Jedi, Mike The Poet and myself hanging out at the Do Over afterwards..biggups to SoulSol who captured it all!!

FRESH KICKS: Squash Dynamiks EP | TheImagination | FREE DOWNLOAD

Unique74 | education: TheIMagination

Movements from CultureDigitaL on Vimeo.