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Unique74 salutes D’Angelo’s “Voodoo” (Happy Anniversary!!)

10 years ago, I had the honor and pleasure of watching this project grow from its infancy while working at Virgin/EMI and it was one of the most refreshing records that was needed for that time, it set the tone for many to come after that. This was a straight up FUNK album whether so called “Neo Soul” heads can embrace or swallow it…Many folks wanted what he did on the first album and if you listened carefully he gave you some of that in songs like “Untitled (How Does It Feel)”, “One Mo’ Gin” and “Send It On” (which is a major nod of respect to Kool and The Gang…do your research and call me later on that one…). He wanted to push the envelope (as many of us Aquarians) and raise the bar for this release and the mission was accomplished.

I remember “the video” was a major conversation piece when it first dropped and watching my man sell out a show in less than 30 minutes..There was a lot of LOVE, TIME and HARD WORK put into this project on all ends from production to promotion.

I am very proud to say Happy Anniversary to D’angelo’s “Voodoo”!! We Need You Bruv (there’s been too many aight substitute teachers…) + Happy B’day!! (im waiting on that BLUES album…)

Peace and Love,
DJ A-Ski