Funk Revisited: Madlib | The Budos Band

Madlib :: Sound Directions (Stones Throw) sound-directions

This funky offering celebrates compositions by Soul, Jazz and Funk icons such as David Axelrod, Billy Brooks, JJ Johnson just to name a few. Armed with seasoned musicians featuring Madlib clocking in on drums, Sound Directions presents fresh and sincere approach to these timeless pieces. Intense musicianship to the 10th power incorporating horns and other settle elements. The personal highlight for me on this album is a rendition of the 60’s soul dancefloor classic “The Horse” originally by Cliff Nobles and Co. This loose and extra funky version will have you out on the floor in no time (took me back to the days when my mom literally wore this record out). Majestic horns are replaced by the guitars giving it an edge, the late Jessie James would be proud of this version. Sound Directions not only provides a lesson in Soul 101 by paying homage to these musical icons but it demonstrates Madlib’s ongoing and everchanging process in pushing the musical envelope in the name of honest and good music. Sound Directions is the destination!

The Budos Band :: Self Titled (Daptone)

Okay im gonna put it out there.This record is bananas! This funk outfit hails out of Shaolin aka Staten Island, clocking in with a pinch of Afro Beat & Latin tones immersed in the bottom line, Funk. Its weird listening to this release because one cannot help but think that it was recorded back in 70′. The major highlight of the release is their rendition of Sly and The Family Stone’s “Sing a Simple Song”. Now you would think that no one can top the original but the fellas hold their own putting their own staple in this timeless piece. Overall, The Budos are bound to become one of the groups to relight the flame in funk bands. Making this release the sure shot!

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