Unique74 + Beautiful Decay | REVISITED: NOSTALGIA 77 & ART DONT SLEEP

Good music is without question a timeless quality that lingers. Thus, I decided to share previous reviews that I wrote for BEAUTIFUL DECAY which can be found in their back catalog. Enjoy and download these fine audio offerings. Nostalgia 77 | Everything Under The Sun | Ubiquity Echoes of Free Form and Afro Blue areContinue reading “Unique74 + Beautiful Decay | REVISITED: NOSTALGIA 77 & ART DONT SLEEP”

Unique74 Revisited | Ruff Draft | J DILLA

Ruff Draft | J DILLA | Stones Throw The world will eventually catch up to a man that was far ahead of the world. Dilla aka Jay Dee/Jay Dilla exemplified honest music to the maximum which set him apart from his contemporaries. Ruff Draft is a very minimal yet potent piece which captures the essenceContinue reading “Unique74 Revisited | Ruff Draft | J DILLA”

Unique74 Revisited | “Feel What I’m Feelin” | Dj Center

DJ CENTER “Feel What Im Feelin” An inviting collage of honest music and warm beats coming from planet Brooklyn. Dj Center brings an exciting and delightful compilation of grooves while inviting you to his world and state of mind through these carefully picked selections. The presentation of this mixed complilation is quite fascinating for theContinue reading “Unique74 Revisited | “Feel What I’m Feelin” | Dj Center”

Unique74 Revisited: Ammon Contact | People Under The Stairs

Reviews by Dj A-Ski Ammon Contact With Voices (Ninja Tune) Ammon Contact chimes in with a beautiful collage of Hip Hop, Be Bop, Soul, Funk, Jazz and other sincere gems. A spiritual journey through the form of sound, Ammon Contact presents a very honest approach with challenging rhythms and beautiful tones. The entire album isContinue reading “Unique74 Revisited: Ammon Contact | People Under The Stairs”

Nicolay | City Lights v2 Shibuya | Review

Ambient tones, soulful echoes and electro sounds are few of the many ingredients created in this audio collage. Nicolay clocks in with a sequel to “City Lights v1” , in which “City Lights v2” bears a mature and seasoned sound. The many moods that are captured on this album takes the listener on an audioContinue reading “Nicolay | City Lights v2 Shibuya | Review”

Unique 74 Revisited: Ohmega Watts | Lightheaded

I pulled this one out of the Unique74 archives. This was a review i did a few years back for Beautiful Decay. Ohmega Watts | The Find (Ubiquity) A collage of colorful beats and clean flows is exactly what you will find in this flawless debut by this producer/mc from the groundbreaking camp Lightheaded. ComparedContinue reading “Unique 74 Revisited: Ohmega Watts | Lightheaded”

Nu Soul LA presents Mark De Clive Lowe | Ann Nesby Review | Dam Funk | Dj Obah | Mayer Hawthorne

Check out my Ann Nesby Review courtesy of our friends at NU SOUL http://blog.nu-soulmag.com/?p=1001 The day before…

Funk Revisited: Madlib | The Budos Band

Madlib :: Sound Directions (Stones Throw) This funky offering celebrates compositions by Soul, Jazz and Funk icons such as David Axelrod, Billy Brooks, JJ Johnson just to name a few. Armed with seasoned musicians featuring Madlib clocking in on drums, Sound Directions presents fresh and sincere approach to these timeless pieces. Intense musicianship to theContinue reading “Funk Revisited: Madlib | The Budos Band”