Unique 74 Revisited: Ohmega Watts | Lightheaded

I pulled this one out of the Unique74 archives. This was a review i did a few years back for Beautiful Decay.

Ohmega Watts | The Find

A collage of colorful beats and clean flows is exactly what you will
find in this flawless debut by this producer/mc from the groundbreaking camp Lightheaded. Compared to the likes of Soul
Brother Pete Rock to Digital Underground, Ohmega presents a release of love, life and labor as heard in his debut release. Very few hip hop albums you can actually listen to all the way through and come out feeling good, it is almost a lost art these days but Ohmega is one of the chosen few who bring that “analogue” warm feeling that we all long for in a hip hop record. Filled with groovy loops, dirty funk and mellow tones, “The Find” is a journey of a long lost feeling of intent and honesty once found in great records. This release is the part of the next chapter to breathe life into Hip Hop music and its integrity.

This release is comprised of well thought out concepts and detailed production. The beats themselves are full of life, giving you the “feel good” vibe. Personally, I was jumping up and down like a kid again when I heard tracks like “That Sound” (feat Noelle and The Procussions), the wisdom driven and beautiful “Mind Power”, the Augustus Pablo dub influenced ****”Track 10″ which is a potential dancefloor jammie (12 inch potential, hint, hint..) and a host of others. The entire album is well balanced with a healthy and honest approach in every song. This release is not to be slept on if you truly love Hip Hop music.


This next piece I still rock in my sets, I did a review a year prior to the Ohmega Watts review. Courtesy of Jointz Magazine.


Lightheaded | Never Square EP
(Basementalism records)

This release takes it back to the basics of a great hip-hop record: concept, good beats, potent lyrics and energy. Lightheaded are part of a movement i’d like to call “breath of fresh air groups” that remind us why we love this thing called Hip Hop music. Having paid dues on the underground circuit which gave birth to their first release “Pure Thought” . The crew comes through strong with their vinyl debut “Never Square”. The title EP track “Never Square” chimes in with a mellow party vibe which celebrates the work of legendary jazz master Dr. Donald Byrd with his timeless piece “When I Hear Music” as the backing track. “Blink Of An Eye” sets an extreme B-Boy tone, comprised of braggadio rhymes and a slow tempo swing beat blessed by 9th Wonder which has the makings of a potential underground anthem.

The highlight track is “Blink Of An Eye” produced by Muneshine. This track has a very relaxed yet peaceful tone while the group’s delivery rides well with the track. Laced with the imcomparable Dorothy Ashby’s harps, her spirit stands out tremendously through this track. Peep the instrumental to truly capture the essence of this track. The “Never Square” EP is a sure winner like a Pioneer chicken dinner! Dont sleep on this sure shot!


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