Unique74 + Beautiful Decay | REVISITED: NOSTALGIA 77 & ART DONT SLEEP

Good music is without question a timeless quality that lingers. Thus, I decided to share previous reviews that I wrote for BEAUTIFUL DECAY which can be found in their back catalog. Enjoy and download these fine audio offerings. Nostalgia 77 | Everything Under The Sun | Ubiquity Echoes of Free Form and Afro Blue areContinue reading “Unique74 + Beautiful Decay | REVISITED: NOSTALGIA 77 & ART DONT SLEEP”

Unique74 Revisited: Ammon Contact | People Under The Stairs

Reviews by Dj A-Ski Ammon Contact With Voices (Ninja Tune) Ammon Contact chimes in with a beautiful collage of Hip Hop, Be Bop, Soul, Funk, Jazz and other sincere gems. A spiritual journey through the form of sound, Ammon Contact presents a very honest approach with challenging rhythms and beautiful tones. The entire album isContinue reading “Unique74 Revisited: Ammon Contact | People Under The Stairs”

Unique 74 Revisited: Ohmega Watts | Lightheaded

I pulled this one out of the Unique74 archives. This was a review i did a few years back for Beautiful Decay. Ohmega Watts | The Find (Ubiquity) A collage of colorful beats and clean flows is exactly what you will find in this flawless debut by this producer/mc from the groundbreaking camp Lightheaded. ComparedContinue reading “Unique 74 Revisited: Ohmega Watts | Lightheaded”