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Nicolay | City Lights v2 Shibuya | Review


Ambient tones, soulful echoes and electro sounds are few of the many ingredients created in this audio collage. Nicolay clocks in with a sequel to “City Lights v1” , in which “City Lights v2” bears a mature and seasoned sound. The many moods that are captured on this album takes the listener on an audio canvas as a painter searching for a visual climax. “Bullet Train” reigns in a euphoric yet busy atmosphere, while dwelling in a dark and promise future. “Omotesando” has a loose and open feeling while leaning on a heavy Jazz Fusion groove, this is my personal favorite under the “City Lights”. “Meiji Shrine” gives a pinch of the Nicolay signature sound found in previous works, while serving as a reminder that the funk is still in control. The “buzz” cut is “Wake Up In Another Life” featuring vocalist Carlitta Durand, this lively piece is another highlight on the album worth checking out. This release sets a fresh and redefinitive approach in additon to exploring new ground, “City Lights v2” is the sure shot!



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