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Happy Anniversary N*E*R*D “In search of…”

​Honorable mention: 16 years ago..I was working a day gig while interning and moonlighting for 3 plus different labels (sorry My artful skill of negotiating allowed me to convince the company head of my day gig to allow me full clearance to leave my job early (two days a week)while having the other foot in what would eventually become classic releases. I felt very strong about the promise in this album and was always partial to the European mix. I have the last limited instrumental vinyl somewhere in my arsenal. I was very honored to be part of the ground work in this iconic release. Happy 16th Anniversary of the N*E*R*D release “In Search Of..”!! #nerd #classics #theneptunes #djaski #unique74

Steely Dan Obsession

#NP There is such thing as a perfect song. If I had one song that I could play all night..”Peg”. The best 3:58 minutes. I have been obsessed with this song since it’s 1977 release. The one sided  panned flanger on keys are priceless. One of my biggest wishes is to hear the remaining parts of the song faded out with the epic #jaygraydon solo. The song and groove lock perfectly. Still waiting to meet “Peg” tho. #np #steelydan #michealmcdonald #chuckrainey #rickmarotta #stevekhan #tomscott #paulgriffin #dongrolnick #peg #musicmonday #unique74


Mecca and The Soul Brother | 20


“Mecca and The Soul Brother” was a very important album during the time of its release 20 years ago (where does the time go..) and still remains celebrated today. It explored a very wide spectrum of Soul, Jazz, Funk on an aggressive level but it bears an assortment of moods in each of those generes under the Hip Hop drawing board. Rhythmically, it was raw yet smooth while balancing its cutting edge. This album made me step my game up in terms of record digging and sound exploration.


that CLASSIC s–t.


When you can still play it 20+ years later. Thats what you call CLASSIC. Learn math. If its new and good ..its HOT (for the moment). Not CLASSIC. (Im very hard to please..I never get thirsty or bandwagons here.. )





Vid Picks: Nola Darling’s B’day

one of my top 5 favortite movies of all time..I gotta find the soundtrack!